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  1. King

    Travel Question

    Not sure why you did this. Colleyville is only about 300 miles from the Kansas border.
  2. King

    NFL/CFL Qualifiers

    I don't know when the Flint Hills LD/PFD qualifiers are. What school are you from? Based on your screen name, I assumed Shawnee Mission North. Which I assume is why Podium Pete assumed your coach was a "she".
  3. King

    NFL/CFL Qualifiers

    Don't worry SMNdebate...your coach isn't trying to make you lose or whatever the podium jockey tried to say. I just think that you misunderstand what they mean. Anyway, what I'm sure that they meant is that LD and PFD qualifiers for CFL are both on April 1st. Then, LD and PFD qualifiers for NFL are both on the same date in late April. In other words...CFL does not conflict with EKNFL in any way.
  4. Yeah, that move didn't help you in that round.
  5. King


    Yes, but Volen's point is that in the neg disclosure of the other BVW team (Birzer & Saiedian), they call out their neg strat in each round they have debated this year and indicate which school they debated, which very clearly discloses what each team they have debated is running. In other words they have already called out the cases that each of the 15 or so teams they have debated are running.
  6. King

    Bvn 10/22-10/23

    Are the timekeepers allowed to use laptops?!? Is the world famous timekeeper, Deskboy, going to keep time in Varsity?
  7. King


    Come on now. I'm sure it is going to be a highly intelligent, entirely original, discussion.
  8. So you claim that your mad laptop skills came from judging debate? Must make your employer feel really dumb to give a laptop to a whole bunch of people that don't judge debate and thus can't become efficient on the laptop. On a side note, you're right, getting ridiculously sarcastic with people on here is more fun that I thought.
  9. If you are the only one in the office that is "nearly paperless", and I assume that there are a significant number of people in your office, then how do you claim that laptop usage in this way is a skill that they will use in the workforce? Your personal example is an arguement against your own contention.
  10. With due respect to Eric (knowing the teams he works with and his coaching ability, I'll defer to him a lot of the time), I'll take this statement 1 step further. I believe that I have yet to meet the team that was hampered by not being able to travel beyond the 500 miles (I know I've had some students that would disagree with me). Some of the best teams that I have been associated with, while debating on the national circuit 3 or 4 times in a year, also competed at slow lay-type tournaments other times that year. If they had gone beyond the 500 miles on top of their other travel within 500 miles, it would have taken away from their local experience, and the educational value from creating that balance between being able to win by persuasion and and being able to win they high intellect, strategic rounds, is priceless.
  11. I agree whole-heartedly with both of these statements. The first I openly said in my post, that clearly they did adapt quite well considering the success that they found. I also agree whole-heartedly with your definition of a "bad judge". The only thing that I require of a judge is that they honestly tell me their paradigm, and that they vote based on what occurs in the round. I'm even willing to call that 1985 debater a good judge if they tell me up front. However, to believe that everyone at the tournament (or probably even in this discussion) would define it that way is probably inaccurate. Most of the kids that I hear complaining about "bad judges" have a much more subjective definition than that. And regarding the "offense" that was taken by the Semifinalist (don't know your name, sorry), but my statement didn't at all dismiss your wins as "rep-based". Your wins came at a tournament that relied on codes, theoretically keeping your "rep" silent. My statement truly, as was my intent, gives you and your partner full credit for all the ballots you pulled this weekend. If I didn't already say so, congratulations on the success that you had this past weekend.
  12. As a coach from a non-National Circuit school/state, I feel the need to address a couple of the concerns that have been expressed here. 1. The use of codes - I feel very strongly that the masking of school affiliation is essential to valid decisions in rounds. All of your "good judges" also know who the "good schools" are. At the point that the school is put on the schematic instead of codes, the non-National Circuit schools are immediately alienated, as we will get "repped-out" at some point in the tournament if we dare get deep in the tournament. This has happened at most National Circuit tournament we have had the gaul to go to. Listening to judges talk about things that didn't occur in the round as the reason that they vote against us is, for lack of a better term, repulsive. 2. Quality of judge - What makes your "tabula rose" judges any better than my "policy-maker" judges. What makes a 4 year debater at Loyola any better than my 4 year debater at Shawnee Mission West...and yes...it is judges just like mine that you are complaining about. Lets be honest. Learn some adaptation (which you obviously have since you made it to sems) and this won't be an issue. Ask your judges some intelligent questions before the round and this will be resolved. In other words, if you want a "National Circuit Championship", go to TOC. If you want a championship that represents the nation, including all of its circuits, go to NCFL and NFL. I have a real problem with the term "bad judge" as a fact, not an individual opinion. Your circuit's "bad judge" is another circuit's "high quality judge". Sorry we can't all live up to your standards. 3. Prep Time - In the backwards state of Kansas, we too have 5 minutes of prep...and contrary to popular belief, we produce some quality debate and debaters here in the land of Oz. If you don't believe me, just look at the pairings from NCFL this year (oh, I know, you won't give that any validity due to bad judges...I'm sorry). 4. Reading of Evidence - Articulate it in round and it's a non-issue. After all, this is a speaking, not a written, activity. If the round is too fast to do so...then SLOW DOWN and articulate your point!!! 5. Long days - Seriously, this must be a joke. 5 rounds in a day is nothing!!! Our novices in Kansas do 5 rounds in a day. Our top debaters do 6 rounds in a day when they make finals!!! And they are never done by 7:00pm. I'd rather you just say "Thank you" for only doing 5 rounds in a day. And you can get back to school to take the rest of your final exams the Tuesday after Memorial Day. I'm not saying NCFL is perfect, but for a "National Championship" as opposed to a "National Circuit Championship", it's pretty darn close at this point...especially considering Jeff's expertise on a computer...and TShuman's expertise collecting ballots.
  13. That is the weekend of State in Kansas; I wouldn't expect too much patronage from Kansas schools.
  14. At least part of the rationale is that everyone that competes can count it as one of their four tournaments to qualify for State. This is important to several of the coaches that make up the CFL Diocese. Note, I said that is part of the reason. I'm certain that other coaches have their perspectives on why everyone should be gauranteed 6 rounds.
  15. I find humor that "East Kid" will disclose who everyone else is bringing, but won't disclose who SM East is bringing.
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