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  1. Silver Lake teams: Cohner Deshazo/ Caleb Kampsen and Luke Fangman/Josh Schroeder
  2. Mtay08

    College Judging

    My name is Michelle Taylor I just graduated from Silver Lake and I'm now at KU. I would be willing to judge any Saturday (depending on football games). I would prefer to stay close unless u want to pay for my gas....and im not sure that I'm worth the money : )I did 2 years of debate and went to nationals both years going 3-2 both years. 3 years of forensics Extemp Oratory info and Duo/duet. Oratory and extemp are my preferred. 213-7776
  3. Mtay08


    3A (I remember very little) Sweeps: 3. Silver Lake -271 points 2. Lyons -274 points 1. Rock Creek -298 points Extemp: 6. Worcester- Sacred Heart 2. Baker- Rock Creek 1. Hogan-Lyons OO: 6. L. Schroeder-Silver Lake 5. Lyons? 4. Ellinwood? 3. Lyons 2. A. Peterson- Rock Creek 1. M. Taylor- Silver Lake Info: 5. Schroeder-Silver Lake HI: 1. Barker-Silver Lake Duet: 3. M. Taylor/M. Wetta-Silver Lake 2. Norton? 1. Fox/ Heslet- Rossville Poetry: 2. McDaniel- Silver Lake
  4. Name: Michelle Taylor College: University of Kansas Major: pre-law/poli sci Debating: nope
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