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  1. I think it's rather sad how much trolling and sarcasm there is here. Plenty of camps put out an aff along those lines. I would suggest you look at NDCA
  2. http://deoxy.org/mckenna.htm and other works by Terence Mckenna. I dont have Beastwick's qualms about the argument. Just don't let gimmicky shit subsume real debating.
  3. Is edebate camp divided up into labs like a normal camp, as in only some of the people have access to the deleuze and guattari workshop or is it more free form? EDIT: and by free form i mean rhizomatic
  4. Alright, even if aburo doesnt revive the thread, I'd love to continue but Im just satisfied I finished. Also I think I'm going to pick up a simpler K. Im not a good enough debater. http://www.mediafire.com/?vquxofm2gmf EDIT: Aw snap, WC: 4875 exactly. includes 1nr
  5. Okay i fucked up Im bringing the jamba tommorow. Ive got homework.
  6. Alright ill be honest. I have problems doing a coherent 2nc because I still havent mastered the balance between my obsession with nietzsche and portraying a critique clearly. So Ive been procastinating because finishing it would require a lot of work and im consistently bombarded with trying to get my work done and figuring out how i want to explain the k. I realize how much time ive wasted Im sorry and I will post this weekend whether or not its done well
  7. shit i was going to post this week. I know late as hell.. ive been getting really bad with procastination and homework for which i apologize. Can we get this back on?
  8. Actually one more question before i post case Do you solve for giving back the land ala churchill or fighting capitalism ala zizek?
  9. What morals do you affirm? do you want a list of all of them? i personally have lots of moral guidelines... Yeah what morals do you affirm? How would that work in terms of real world politics? as in a specific scenario? the plan being combined with an ethic of dance would be like a senator voting for the bill because he individually believes that nuclear conflict is undesirable as opposed to believing that nuclear conflict is immoral. this model isn't exclusive to the beliefs of other senators that nuclear war is desirable or that there are other reasons it isn't desirable, and it fosters inclusive democratic discourse about the desirability of policies in context to multiplicitous epistemologies. If your view isnt exclusive then how do you incorporate a view that nuclear war is freaking sweet? - Nehamas talks about nietzsche's theories of morality in context of multiplicity. He forms objectivity as something that isn't inherently an enforcement of morals but of something in which we can see many points of view at once in context of their individual moral codes. Who forms your "objective" views of IR? How does one view multiple points at once, give me an example.
  10. Alright lets clarify some shit before i go in depth. How do you plan to escape death? Do you defend metaphysics? Do you defend an ontology? What ontology? Do you defend rationality? Why is rationality good? what are morals? What morals do you affirm? Why? What the fuck is pluralist affirmation? How do you access it? How would that work in terms of real world politics? How would that work in terms of the affirmative and alternative?
  11. Lol, its basic biology. Bacteria are adapted by the environment. Health cattle often have the toxic strain of E. coli. The question truly is, why cow shit is getting in my burger.
  12. I second the motion "when a kid tells me he likes to travel, i just hear hes fucking rich"
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