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  1. Is this just going for high school kids? I could use some coaching on the "it's" pic.
  2. My bad, just a favorite I had seen else where.
  3. Its dangerous out there. Here take this - http://srslycute.com/wp-content/main/2011_03/owl-wearing-a-beanie.jpeg
  4. haikus are easy but sometimes they don't make sense refrigerator
  5. East is bringing: Almost everyone where its so close.
  6. Well you aren't and you live in wyoming, so i'm confused
  7. Lol thanks, just reminded me of our deal when they ran it.
  8. Yup he registered for classes Monday, now is a full time student. Welcome back Swartz
  9. Sorry i was waiting to look off of our tourny entry. East is bringing: Berry/Godfrey Determann/Falzone Swartz/Petrisin Geringer/Macklin Carr/Gokanakonda Johns/Rap
  10. Hey there, just checking in finally hit ptx in wyoming so we can just call it even lol
  11. East is sending quite a few teams. I'll post who specifically later, when i see the entry from my coach. Who else is going?
  12. CheyEast is sending Berry + Godfrey Determan + ? Who else is going?
  13. East is sending every one but : Berry + Godfrey and Determan + ? We are going to Overland. The rest of the team is going there
  14. I'll facebook the Green river girls to see who all is going.
  15. Who all is going? East is bringing Varsity -Berry and Godfrey -Bergene and Detterman -Macklin and Geringer -Peterisn and Falzone Novice -Hunt and Barrowman -Hirsh and Ayen -Nisely and Sanders -Adams and Schaefer
  16. Isn't this like super untopical? Look changing a definition isn't a social service on face. Even if it does eventually increase that it's self isn't a soc ail service.
  17. From what i hear they are short on judges for CX, they could use you. Idk about the pay though
  18. Who all is coming? East is sending the full entry of 2. I know Berry and Godfrey will be one of them.
  19. Whats going on up at new castle?
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