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  1. Cool, congrats. Did the Liberty teams break? E MO policy didn't do too hot Neither team broke.
  2. Hey, it cooled off a bit this evening! Our car only said 102 when we got back from some weigh-your-own fro-yo this evening.
  3. Hi, apologies, I'm one of those judges whose judging philosophy isn't in the book. It's no excuse, but I've been off traveling overseas with a friend On <http://judgephilosophies.wikispaces.com/> I'm 'Dempsey, Nathaniel'. I know there are other judges like me who aren't in the book, so hopefully you will post here as well. Moderators, if there's a better place for this, please move it. I'm not real familiar with where things should go on the site. I'm also putting the data on me in the format NFL has it: 04J142 Nathaniel Dempsey Clayton High School MO Yes, No, No, Yes, No, Yes, 7 years, 21-30 rounds, TR, 4, NP, 7, 2, 3, 2, 2, 3, 3. For Question 1B, I actually did do a tiny bit of policy debate in college (and I did a fair amount of parliamentary debate) but not enough that someone who was on the circuit regularly would consider me to have been an NDT or CEDA debater, so for the purposes of telling you about my experience, the technical answer is I didn't do much NDT debate in college. For Question 3, after TR, I would rank PM, SI, SS, GP, and finally HT. For Questions 7 through 12, I made notes off to the side: 7) That doesn't necessarily mean I like T debate. 8) If they're actually competitive (CPs) 9) Make sure they link (generic positions) 10) Unless you're talking about things like CPs (conditional positions) 11) Just not too much--I want to see things get done (theory) 12) I don't really like Ks, but if you run it well and give me a clear way to evaluate it, do what you think is best for your strategy (critiques)
  4. Let me offer a K. Change your mindset. It's difficult to be likable if your attitude is that this is a 'really terrible tournament'. Let me offer a second K. Change your mindset. Instead of complaining about MSHSAA, work to change it. Let me offer a third K. Change your mindset. If you don't think it's valuable, why care if you lose? Find some other reason to compete besides winning ballots, or let somebody else from your school compete at MSHSAA. Trust me, I know. We lost an outround once at MSHSAA against a neg team whose 1NC was about 3 minutes long...
  5. Ah Ankur, you took me back to one of my favorite memories from NFL nats in Portland. We had a line in our harms evidence essentially comparing drugging children to the holocaust. We were hitting a really good team, and part of their case dump was about how comparing things to the holocaust is bad. Makes sense, pretty straightforward. Obviously could be catastrophic if we drop it. But we had a card from the Jerusalem Post talking about some benefits of comparing contemporary activities to the holocaust. Not only could the neg not kick that argument the rest of the round, they essentially created a third advantage scenario for us.
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