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  1. 'One man' as in Brik/Ben is the one man best for the position. Not 'one man' as is in only a man can be moderator since 'womanfolk' aren't capable of being moderator or 'one man' as in women aren't worthy of such a awesome grant of the right to be eligible to vote in this crucial Cross-X.com moderator election. Also, in response to your term 'pre-suffrage,' I'd like to point out that your implying that we're returning to a time in which no one can vote. Suffrage is not a word limited to the people you call 'womenfolk' but a general, sex-less privilege given to nearly all people in our country.
  2. This guy has never got in fight with anyone, is nice, intelligent, responsible and wears one hell of a yellow hat. Seeing as he is someone who will actually moderate the forums and not allow me, Adolf, and VPFritzMondale make stupid posts on the forums and seeing that Ben is always been a good debater, smart person, and excellent role model, I see no reason as to why he shouldn't be moderator. He will moderate, he will allow for fun but reject pointless insults. I know I'm not his campaign manager; I'm just an advocate who wanted his voice heard. One man, one position, one vote. . .You decide. (P.S. Who really wants a penguin as moderator? They're like the 7th ranked species on a scale of coolness.)
  3. it seems to work pretty well for you. . .oh wait. . .nvm but yeah, it wasn't a joke; its a question yet to be answered you coherent poster you.
  4. dan? is that that fat kid that colter fat?
  5. Anyway, on a lighter note, who's all going to try to qualify at state? I've been told not to realize Aberdeen's info but if the qualify-attempties themselves come out I think its okay.
  6. While I must disagree with these insults toward the great city of Aberdeen, he is correct-I am from Aberdeen. . .my team might not want to claim me now but that doesn't change my geographicalic location or school pride. Aberdeen Rocks!!!
  7. yeah. . .Aberdeen. . .I'm not sure why you're not picking up on this.
  8. How would you know? You don't know who I am, actually you do since I do go to Aberdeen. You know where I'll be.
  9. And I thought I was a douche bag. . .way to one up me.
  10. Why yes, just none involving you.
  11. wow!!! awesome commentary on that stellar comeback. but yeah i know a guy that specializes in assisted suicide, i thought you might wanna look in to it; you know, based off your pathetic comment but yeah pm for his number =)
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