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  1. wait, are you backing up your own affirmation by "saying thats for sure" i guess i don't see why you're giving to statements of approval, it then becomes like your approving of your own statement. seems kind of dumb. but then again you are the ultimate strategist so whatever.
  2. Again you misunderstand. He was simply saying, regardless of if he was running or not, that he is pleased that he is no longer in power. It doesn't matter if he said he wasn't running, all that matters is that when he posted that, Red and Black was still in power, thus when he stated that he was happy it was because red and black was finally officially done, and dpron was now mod. but good try mr. college man.
  3. I don't think he was trying to create a story out of red and black's not winning. I think he was simply stating that he was happy about him no longer being in power. It's okay, that message was hidden pretty deep in the post, a lot of people wouldn't have picked up on it, but thats alright.
  4. Who is all desiring to qualify for nationals?
  5. I don't think what he does on guitar qualifies as "playing" He is a tyro at best on guitar
  6. everything he wrote indicates that he is from Aberdeen. His continued usage of poor grammar and puncuation are a couple major indicators.
  7. How could you possibly say who he does/doesn't know.
  8. I'm not sure that KELO Land news will be helpful with a pregame report on a student congress tournament.
  9. wow...i'm pretty sure you didn't pick up on the sarcasm in the post. it's okay, maybe you can try again next time.
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