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    Don't you love arguing with random people about things that are not in anyway logical...and still you win.
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    Musical theatre, Debate, Anime, Astec, Tech, History I'm really busy.
  1. You are racist. Don't lie. I recognize these arguments from somewhere... Can I judge for the lulz? Regardless of whether it has an effect on who wins.
  2. Would you be looking to be paid by a high school?
  3. I have been debating for a few years now and every once in awhile I will hit a team on my circuit in which one debater is completely amazing and the other is a complete tool. Now some judges that I have talked to say that they will give lower speaks for tooling their partner while some say that the tool just gets lower speaks. Now I personally think that if you tool your partner your speaks should get dropped (coming from the view of a person who had a varsity partner her first tournament who actually taught her). I was wondering what you as a community of judges think? In the end, yes, some of these debaters are really really amazing and deserve to be recognized, but I think teaching the skill to debate and not being controlling like that is really important. Is it fair for a person who tools their partner (going ins and outs on the aff and using all the prep time to write the partners speeches) to get 1st speaker award?
  4. Thanks guys. Do we need tubs like absolutlely? Because that's just one more thing to check flying in...
  5. A temperature can only tell you so much. I wasn't trying to be annoying but I have looked it up and I want to know from someone who had been there what they would advise to wear.
  6. Is there someone we can email on the comiittee to protest against this? Though I debate in contemperary policy, getting rid of classic severly limits the amount of teams we are able to send to states. Next year I will be the only contemperary debater at my school and if they get rid of classic we will not be able to have teams go for the most part. This also limits the chance for mainly policy schools to gain sweapstakes awards. From my experience, if only in the past two years, Classic in AA/A had a lot more competition this year than last year and to get rid of that compepetition could ruin staes. Would this be in all divisions? Is it a money issue that they can only have one type of policy? What is the reasoning behind this?
  7. Odd question on this forum I suppose, but I've never been off the east coast so I was wondering about the climate. What kinds of clothes are appropriate for the weather? Anything we need to remember to bring? Also, any debate items we should have, like tubs or paper or anything?
  8. I am going to the 3 week K lab at UNT. one of my novies is going to LDI, one to JMU's camp, one to GDI. Most of the rest aren't going to camp and all of the varsity kids but my are graduating. So...we'll see. People on our team don't realize how helpful camp is. Hopefully we'll take the novices to varsity by my senior year and dominate again...but only if they go to camp.
  9. Alright, Have fun...LDI elite has some interesting characters.
  10. I think the first is the deadline for the elite lab and the second for all others, but don't quote me on that. If you like, you can email the director. Or, I could ask some of the RAs/director from camp last year to see if they know. What session are you going to?
  11. I know of very few middle schoolers who are interested in debate or what it entails. Though some of them may enjoy it, I know that most people don't get interested until they are a bit older. But then again, maybe its just the people I was around at my middle school. But I doubt many middle schoolers would go to a summer camp unless their parents made them, ect.
  12. I'm not sure anyone would really be interested in building a giant rubber band ball...but I'm up to learning how to unicycle As for making new teams: in our area Briar Woods started a new team because they got a new teacher who used to debate. The problem is that there aren't enough people willing to coach. In Loudoun there are tons of schools but only 3 or 4 active policy teams, and that will go down this next year since many are graduating. After Richard's stopped coaching Freedom debate...it died. I can't think of a team there recently. Redhead has some interesting ideas about talking to schools to bring them into the community, but we also need leaders to help out. College kids are nice, but can be unrealiable. In a high school right outside of LU, the college coach left them hanging half way through the year, it happens.
  13. One of the best things I could say is to talk to the middle schools, but also to recruit in the upperclasses such as 10, 11, and 12 grades. This is the time kids would not only do it for college but also to increase their knowledge. If debate representatives went to classes and talked that could help. This year our team had a great increase in members because we made it seem easy and helped them stick with it. People really enjoy hearing about the crazy stuff BRHS does though. People just don't know what debate is. Since I've started, I have had a lot of people ask me what it entails and what to do about it. After I talked to them for a little while, they seemed mildly interested in one of the forms. Lastly, Public Forum is stealing all the future policy kids because it is seen as the easy way out. just saying.
  14. I refuse to consider policy debate a sport because next year at my school we have to pay a $100 fee next year for all sports. And debate takes my money enough as it is.
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