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  1. The University of Wyoming went paperless and we have no more need for our expandos and we know that some teams are still paper teams so we are selling what we have. 31 pocket numbered: $6 (these 31 pocket ones are in limited supply) 23 pocket alphabetical: $4 (I have a ton of these as they are what is most commonly used) 'rough condition': $2 (these are expandos that have seen better days but are still very usable). We will negotiate shipping and pick up. Email either Mike Bausch at mikebausch@gmail.com, or Jared Fanning at jaredfanning05@gmail.com.
  2. Can you do politics work? I heard that LOST was more of a priority than Fiscal Cliff.
  3. Fair enough, Congrats to GW. It was nice to see some good policy debates this weekend.
  4. You asked a question. I answered said question. I also judged there this weekend. I judged mostly the policy rounds so I know what happened. I would like to Congratulate George Washington's two teams on qualifying to nationals. Rep the Mountain Region Well.
  5. GW got two teams out. Sarah and Lucy, and Olivia and Partner ( sorry not sure on name).
  6. East had a better year in 2012 and won CX. As well as had two teams in out rounds. However you are correct in the fact that debate is declining in the state. The state would be lucky to have you come back and try to revitalize the community especially CX debate.
  7. http://www.uwyo.edu/...debate/wfi.html Here is the link. It is a great camp, with a great staff. The staff has not been updated from last year yet, however the camp is cheap and there is no place like Laramie in the summer. The dates for 2012 WFI are set. We will offer policy, lincoln douglas, public forum and forensics events as we always have. 3 week policy: June 24-July 14 2 week policy: June 24- July 7 2 week Lincoln Douglas: June 24-July 7 2 week public forum: June 24- July 7 Our rates have remained the same as last year. Three Week: Full Tuition: $1250 No Meal Plan: $850 Commuter: $600 Two Week: Full Tuition: $900 No Meal Plan: $600 Commuter: $450 There are two possible discounts that can save you over $100 off of the total cost of the camp: Early-bird discount: Successful registration by April 15, 2012 qualifies for a $50 discount off total cost. Referral discount: For every confirmed referral by another registrant, you qualify for a $50 discount off the total cost. That means you can save $50 for every friend or teammate you can recruit to attend the camp. There is no limit to how many referrals you can secure but your full name must be mentioned in another student's registration materials. There are numerous advantages to choosing WFI over other camps in the country. First, value. The WFI is cheaper than nearly every other debate institute in the nation, and certainly in the West by several hundred dollars. The camp also offers a very low staff to student ratio. Students always receive one-on-one attention and instruction, something the big camps simply cannot offer. Second, a diverse curriculum. Our staff represents the entire spectrum of debate argumentation and most come from Wyoming or the Rocky Mountain region. The WFI focuses on students of all debate backgrounds and abilities. We emphasize how to succeed at the state, regional and national level. Whatever your debate background or preferences, you can find a great fit at WFI. Finally, our track record. The WFI has a proven reputation for producing winning debaters at both the high school and college level. Camp alumni have won multiple state championships, placed in the top 10 at the National Forensic League's National Championship tournament and qualified to the Tournament of Champions. Camp alum have also excelled in college, reaching the deep elimination rounds of the CEDA and NDT championship tournaments. But don't take our word for it. Here is what a few past students have had to say: "Attending WFI before my senior year was one of the best choices I made in my debate career. There really is no limit to how much better WFI can make you. Our lab leaders woke up early and stayed up late to help us whenever we needed their help. I became a much better speaker, researcher, and squad leader after just a few days. The skills I learned and the people I met at WFI were invaluable in helping me earn a college scholarship. I don't know of any other institute in the country that offers as many opportunities at as low a cost as WFI." - Brian Rubaie, Shawnee Mission East High School and former debater for the University of Texas at Dallas.
  8. Congrats on Winning it all on a 6-5 decision GW.
  9. Yeah the region has had some success. Chey east has had some teams make some deep runs. Congrats GW.
  10. This new cite sucks.

  11. JaredFanning

    NDT results

    These teams won and are moving on to quarters.
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