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  1. I've seen them be used to hold flow sheets, but I guess it varies from district to district.
  2. Erkansus

    songs about suicide

    breaking the habit by lp ( I don't like lp btw )
  3. she might be a non-progressor.
  4. well the video is fucking stupid, aside from the connection to debaters, it's not good; and it just suck's donkey balls, period.... they couldn't even come up with a good video... just a slide show - _ -
  5. also a link to Foucault?
  6. maxed out reps again mostly grey's though, can't rep for same post
  7. completed another wave of neg repping & grey repping with my gimmick
  8. national association for urban debate leagues
  9. I just received them, they look promising =]
  10. Erkansus

    Make a playlist

    haha yeah, it's just a playlist of song's I've just heard for the first time.... I'm really getting into grindcore though =]
  11. Erkansus

    Make a playlist

    yep a play list of grindcore & metal/deathcore song's I recently found 1) Wake up - Suicide Silence 2) Messiahbolical - WhiteChapel 3) Flesh Couture - The Red Shore 4) 5) Forever - As I Lay Dying 6) The Sound Of Truth - As I Lay Dying 7) Vicer Excerciser - WhiteChapel 8) To The Ruins - Through The Eye's Of The Dead 9) We bow In It's Aura - Veil Of Maya 10) It's Not Safe To Swim Today - Veil Of Maya
  12. it's called a gimmick account - _ -
  13. I re-neg repped them all saying "stfu go back to your 4chan"
  14. Erkansus


    mhm I know my way around hjt logs
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