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  1. Slavery is also not always about race. It started out that slaves were made on the basis of you kicking thier ass in war, not based on skin color.
  2. Look for a "NASCAR Drafting" Aff later this week. Main Adv: Boosts auto repair industry.
  3. If you want slower speech, go to Classic debate. If you are into the faster stuff, go Contemp. Simple as that.
  4. see if you can find THIS evidence: -US funds Alternative Energy programs, scientists create a breakthrough -Alt Energy use goes up, oil demand goes down -Oil prices drop, Oil Producing nations like Iran loose revenue -Iran goes into a depression, radical leaders convince population is it US's fault, US gets nuked.
  5. wahoobob

    Cactus Aff

    Spotswood HS, in Virginia (Region III)
  6. wahoobob

    Cactus Aff

    I know that you can't fiat spending, and I told them that they would still need the money from somewhere, but they replied that the cost was irrelevent did I have any other questions. What would I do in a situation where they basically refuse to answer the question?
  7. The Aff team has told me, as a Neg, multiple times that my CounterPlan is not topical.
  8. wahoobob

    VHSL States

    Region III (either AA or AAA) Contemp: Spotswood (1st) Jefferson Forest (2nd) Brookville (3rd) Brookville (Alt) Classic: Brookville (1st) Jefferson Forest (2nd) ? (3rd) Jefferson Forest (Alt) LD: ? (1st) Stanton River (2nd) ? (3rd)
  9. wahoobob

    Cactus Aff

    This weekend I was faced countering the following argument in a regional debate tourney: "The US Gov't should increase public health assistance to SSA by planting 400 million cacti there." Apparently these cacti only grow in the Southwestern US, and a select number of universities in the area know how to grow them. Thier 'juices' can be used to purify water 3x faster than 'normal methods,' and they can also be used to eat and to repell insects. [solves: water, food, malaria] My opponents would not discuss the cost of the plan, declaring a Fiat and arguring that the cost was thus irrelevent. I tried running a "Japan Does the Plan" CP, but the opponents claimed that Japan did not have the experties or the resources. How would I better counter the argument in the future to win the debate?
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