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  1. Won't mean almost ANYTHING for Policy but I hear that Kickapoo, Glendale, Rock Bridge are all going. Camdenton will be there and I think they're the only one of those that even does Policy anymore. West Plains canceled.
  2. Parkview isn't going this year. If anybody knows a Jefferson City Debater (or there's one who happens to read this), shoot me a message on Facebook (I won't be back on here today or any other time soon) with who I can talk to about judging. I've been trying to get myself, Michael Leahy, and Erin Morris signed up to judge all week and (wouldn't you know it) it's harder to find somebody to do that at Jefferson City than other tournaments. I just recall last year when I wasn't signed up to judge novice rounds so they wouldn't give me the ballots until the assigned judges were like an hour and a half late. So, yeah. It'd be nice to get signed up haha. - DK
  3. They even conceded that you can't run a K in PuF. They're smart enough to not disagree with the rules. When I debated them, they maintained that what they were running wasn't a K. Yet, on forums they agree that it is, in fact, (obviously) a K.
  4. http://www.nflonline.org/uploads/AboutNFL/cr103pf_instr.pdf Pg. 3: "kritiks (off-topic arguments) are not allowed." Yet, my original point stands. I don't care if somebody runs a K in PuF, so long as it is educational. It's a huge difference to disagree with the basic way the Rupe Foundation manipulated the system and to disagree with the system itself. I can choose to not like what the Lexington team did in Public Forum Debate. Does that mean that I don't like Public Forum Debate itself? No.
  5. Not originally. We debated them in Prelims at the ToC. At the beginning, it was against $ manipulating. By the end, it was just against $ overall. Two seperate implications. They couldn't keep it straight.
  6. I would have enjoyed the ToC, had it not been for this topic...
  7. I could respect their strategy, even their medium, had they merely K'd it for the Rupe Foundation. Each round was an attack on "the rich", "the elite", "the billions of dollars that the CATO Institute has", and "capitalism." Gross.
  8. Liberty won the last one. They went 3-4
  9. Devin + Aaron = raped Not. Good. Not good at ALL.
  10. PuF Finals: Liberty (Alex Elliot/?) beat Springfield Parkview (Myself/Aaron Sowards) on a 2-1.
  11. DK19


    Ok...well that was fun. Hahaha.
  12. LD at Nats = Lame as hell.
  13. I do PuF for Sweepstakes purposes (I do go to Parkview after all...If presented the option, I would do Policy-but we already have good Policy) I've won Champ PuF 4 times/4 times being in it. That's how pointless it is. Like, that's not even a bragging point. It's just sad. That's how easy PuF is as an event. "I win at PuF" is like saying "I'm gay." Which...clearly, I am in debate these days. Though...making PuF kids cry is very fun. That's the one bonus. As Omar Qureshi once noted, "Winning Public Forum at Nationals means nothing. It is insignificant." Ha.
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