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    I'm addicted to caffine, have no free time, I'm studying Latin and Greek, my favorite color's green, I have slight OCD tendencies, my favorite thing to do is to read (especially debate stuff) and my pet peave is when people get in my personal space.
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  1. "Gifted Tongues" by Gary Allen Fine. It's a little dated but it may help.
  2. Definately Impromptu... Doesn't take much preparation, which is good because most of my time is spend preparing for debate. And it's really really fun.
  3. My partner wore a hat to every round last season and lots of judges wrote simmilar things on their ballots. We also had a judge who wrote "2NR (my partner)-I like your shoes". We still can't figure out what was so great about them- they were just ordinary black dress shoes.
  4. We're going to the Whitman Debate Institute in Walla Walla. Oh, and we do have a coach, but we have a good sized forensics team too and that takes lots of his time. He's very helpful but lots of the time we're on our own. Montypython, would brining a sound recorder to camp and recording seminars and such be a good idea? Or is that something I should stay away from?
  5. Actually, my partner and I have managed to get signed up for a camp, but I really don't know much about what we will be doing there, so any suggestions are still welcome. Thanks to everyone who responded, I will definately be using lots of your suggestions.
  6. Hi, I am the captian of a VERY recently formed debate/forensics team at my school. In fact, we have only been around for this year and I am one of just two people currently doing policy debate. We do have three more recruits for next year (yay!) but our team is still rather small. I have very little experience and I was wondering if anyone out there had some suggestions for recources to help us get our program up and running. I really want to keep debate at our school, but to do that we need to be sucessful. And besides, the more sucessful we are, the bigger our budget is . If anyone has any recources, book suggestions, tips, ideas, etc that they think would help I would be glad to hear them!
  7. Novice year my partner and I were debating aff in this one round and the neg team ran a disad to a completely different case. We pointed this out in every speech but that was the only thing they concentrated on. We won (Obviously). The judge had no paper and flowed on the back of the ballet, and next to the other team's arguments he drew a self portiant of himself lying on the ground dead. Durring the other team's speaches he also repeatedly hit his head on the table in front of him.
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