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  1. nukified

    Language K

    what if eat and then say word? do link?
  2. nukified

    Debate Camp

    I am graduated now, but went to JDI last year (JDI 2-week)... definitely was worth the money... the lab leaders are amazing and many of the people that went to the camp were state champs/national qualifiers/did well at tournaments... Lawrence is also a great place to be... Another potential camp that I would recommend is the Baylor Debate Camp... It has gotten some good rep from the people that went to it from my squad (well... now old squad). The main thing about camp is how much effort you want to put in and how much you want to spend.
  3. nukified


    i will try to fill out the ones i know... others can post to keep an updated list Policy Buhler- Fehl/Habluetzel Hutch- Morey/Blake ? LD Buhler- Teel Campus- Konkel ? ? PFD Buhler- Honeycutt/Janzen ? ? ? Student Congress Buhler- Miertschin ? ? ?
  4. you could look through any capitalism k file and most likely find some sort of alternative or card that is strike against the self, cede the political, etc... or... i believe in the JDI/SDI universal full employment aff file in the 1ac there is a card that is specifically about this (i believe its the Dean 5 card).
  5. Washburn and probably not debating (not much of a parli fan). *although i probably will be judging my fair share*
  6. this plus a majority of tourneys seem to want to get all kinds of lay judges, and have no judges that would prefer more contemp styles of debate (at least those not on the east-side of kansas)
  7. try looking through the africa topic backfiles.. i think that one of the camps put out either a microfinance cp or a microfinance aff
  8. i'm thinkin even Zizek/Lacan might have something to say about the military ... like always.
  9. nukified

    KSCFL Results

    Donnell's partner is Stafford Pretty sure the Hutch team is Hutch Morey/Blake
  10. is there is a specific button or hot key to get formatting for the tag? i see block header and the cite creator and such... but not that...
  11. on the cost issue.. like Alex said, paper goes through fast (especially in our squad... we go through quite a bit)... plus on top of that, you have to look to the costs of ink, the printer itself, fixing the printer, etc, etc... there are multiple other variables on top of the paper issue that make laptops beneficial longterm... plus many students, especially those in debate, generally have a laptop... i know most of the kids on my squad have a laptop/access to a laptop at least for the tourney. and as some models of laptops get older, they get cheaper... you can get (on average) a laptop that does what you need it to in debate round for $300-400. plus the 3rd laptop wouldn't have to be that high quality at all, just something so the other team could view the evidence (could be an Acer Atom). I know also that the benefits, especially of the traveling issue would be nice. Most of the time when we go to tournaments, we have to grab another van to have just tubs in, or have to cram them in to get everyone's tubs to fit. Just my thoughts...
  12. nope... he had talks with some people in cabinet/professionals and last i checked, there is talks about cutting yucca funding to low lvls, but not exactly cancelling yucca...
  13. beware listening to mr. roygbiv, he has a nice little dilema with the state of Kansas and a particular act he did.... ... even more ironic he has all words in caps... but, check for yucca stuff in like GDI's nuke power neg file, or even if u check the IFR aff files.
  14. you can also go on to planet debate, and i believe that harvard or someone put up a pretty huge heg file... not sure if it is free or you have to pay for it.
  15. it works for the .doc, but not the .docx files.
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