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  1. fresnoinvasion


    The teams from the valley that I know are going are Sanger, Bullard, and Hoover. Sanger will have an army there, Bullard has 1 policy team I think, and my partner and I are the only policy team from Hoover.
  2. I don't know all the names..


    1. Geis-Ybarra

    2. Bakersfield team

    3. Brass-Mertens

    4. Austin-Davis (centennial)

    5. Kelly-Mireles

    6. I have no idea

    7. I have no idea

    8. Krbechek- Togami


    my aim is AlexMertens559 if you want info on some teams.

  3. Could you post a complete list of whom qualified for state?

  4. The only ones that can potentially break are the number 1, 3, 4 teams. Geis-Ybarra, Brass-Mertens, Some Bakersfield team that is from Centennial.

  5. What teams from your league have qualified for the 2008-2009 CHSSA Tournament?

  6. What is the usual thing to do about printing evidence when up there? Take a printer or pay for it up there? The orientation stuff said we could do either, but what would be the best option?
  7. alexmertens559@gmail.com Ill help
  8. Farmers won't grow corn anymore cuz they get so much money for hemp, turning food price adv. Even if corn is still grown the price will have to raise in order to compete with what they can make growing hemp.
  9. How different is the "Debate Track" to the 4 week? Being that I am pretty poor I am considering going the, although 1 week and 2 days shorter, cheaper debate track. What are the major differences and what would one miss out on going to the debate track and not 4 week?
  10. Si senor. I am pretty excited, the teams there are going to be great. How is the debate work coming? Btw, do you have aim or anything?
  11. I want to try and go to 4 week.. How hard is it to get in?
  12. We have a ballot from Berkley last year on the teams quote board RFD- "The aff called the neg team bitches" Zero speaker points for the aff. I thought it was great
  13. I have been told (which means I am not 100 percent sure) that Logan Berger/Chan have a bid and St Francis Arora/Parikh do as well. There could be more but I have just been told about those 2 teams. I don't know too much about other schools though...
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