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    I an ancient Babylonian, awoken from a terrible slumber destined to desrtoy all humanity.
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  1. good luck, you should put the paper on here after you read it, it sounds like it would be pretty cool to read.
  2. biotech and the condoms aff, worked petty good our novices. They were easier than landmines and water. I am a novice who competed on varsity and thought the GGR aff was easy to understand and argue.
  3. cats: they are smart and soft, enough said.
  4. you have to define a religion, the government can act on small sects that are deemed cults or are considered to cause harm or mass dissent. How should a religion be defined? What give the government the right to act towards some and not all? no anger just love
  5. believe it or not, I am actually an ancient Babylonian, awoken from a terrible slumber destined to desrtoy all humanity. No joke
  6. Hey I'm not too "fucking far" to get there, hold on I'll put on my jocking suit, I be there in about five days. Resolved here I come.
  7. I could rob a liquor store, and use that money. As for time I could drop out , who needs an education any more.
  8. I pay for gas if i can go
  9. yeah, lets leave debate out of the physical realm(besides heavy tubs that is).
  10. 1. You couldn't just read the 1AC, plant a tree and then leave. The Neg will just say your wrong and you won't be there to refute it. 2. If I was neg and you did try to due that I would consider that a preformance and would run preformance bad, and and answer you theory with mine saying that the purpose of debate is to discuss possible solutions and acting without discussion leads to problems. 3. It would however be so amazing if you could pull it off, if you figure out how I hope I debate you it would be fun.
  11. can't wait to see it
  12. Foucault-he really knew how to take it like a man. Something I don't think i could ever emulate.
  13. 1.perm-do both 2.perm solves- the more porn the better
  14. It was a joke, it was ironic but that is what most debate is- try prove someone who actually knows something doesn't know anything
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