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    Tidewater 2007

    preempt- (my name is niccolo and I am soooooo coooooool) Why does kaitlyn still go on to these boards...just out of curiosity. I am going on because I have time to kill in the post-NDT phase. Just to clarify...Out of D7, Mary Wash KS and Towson CL got to the quarterfinals of the National Debate Tournament. Towson JM dropped in the Double-Octs to Cal Berkeley BP. And one of the best debates I was privilaged enough of judging was NDT Round 7 between Towson CL on the aff vs Wake Forest GL on the neg. It is great to see that VA is being represented quite well through straus (he was wearing his patriot classic t-shirt!), matt and kevin. Word on the street is that the TOC is coming up and States is as well. Who has qualified for either of those tournaments and if possible, when are the dates and does anyone need any judging taken care of? I might be able to help.
  2. arien

    VHSL States

    when are states? and does anyone need any coaching or judging done? No debate work because college circuit is over = boredom. I can cut a few cards so let me know or refer me to anybody. -nic
  3. just curious, after VHSL regionals on march 29th, are there any other tournaments that need judging? -nic
  4. Hi everyone, My name is Niccolo Paqueo and a current varsity debater for George Mason University. If anyone still needs judging this weekend, I am available this weekend. Please contact me via email (npaqueo[at]gmail[dot]com) and we could work something out. Good luck, nic
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