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  1. It seems like the general concensus is that this would be a bad aff.However, I have considered running it as the original DA. Would that be just as stupid? Would the aff potentially save enough lives to link to malthus? Just wondering.
  2. ha ha ha ha ha best thing ever
  3. I had a novice partner this year and she turned out really great. I think that teaching and going over concepts and such is not the most effective way. What really worked well for us this year was her just having to do it and learn that way. Sure, we lost a couple of rounds over it but if you can get some practice debates with another school that would be good. Another thing we did to prepare was debate our coach. She would just analytically make arguments on the flow and we would actually have to debate them out. It works well enough and if another school doens't want to practice it is a good option. Stay positive. Try to get him to go to camp. Make him do it by himself. I hope it works out! Best of luck
  4. AdrienneP

    Book List

    I think it would be nice to start a book list for those who want to research. Does anyone know of any helpful books on this topic? Thanks!
  5. AdrienneP

    Africa Aff

    Cool idea- i think it would be sweet if you could pull it off. But its going to be really hard to get around what the resolution says....It's pretty non topical.
  6. I need it for negative agaist a performance aff
  7. Hi, I need some perfomance neg. I have looked everywhere and have had no success. If someone happens to have something I am willing to trade for...? let me know. Thanks
  8. There was a plane that flew with almost 1/2 jatropha oil in one of the engines. Its pretty cool.
  9. Ok I need some serious help. Does anyone have anything on the DOE being bad or corrupt or that it doesn't solve? I'm basically looking for answers to a DOE CP is anyone has one. Thank you so much, let me know what I can do for those of you who help me out.
  10. Thank you so much- that was exactly what we were looking for. Its awesome- and we will try it this weekend! Thank you so much!
  11. ok, just so we are all on the same page. I'm completely ok with splitting the block, my partner and I do it every time and spread the Aff really bad. I also don't believe that it is abusive and I can handle it when we get spread so its a cry me a river situation. HOWEVER, the judges in my silly district have asked us several times in their paradigm for theory if we would like to split the block. So basically, we have been marked down for not having justification which is stupid, but we still need it. And we might as well have some for when we are Aff just so we can have it. Thank you for the idea about the 1nr thoery, that's definantly the way to go. I also looked at the site you gave me, without any luck. We don't have any resourceful parly debaters here besides my coach so ya, thanks so much for the ideas! If I ever find anything I will let you know ASAP! Thank you all!
  12. Hey, my partner and I are looking for some theory on splitting the block, both for the neg team (its good) and the aff team (its abusive, whatever) I was just wondering if anyone this or would like to contribute some points to it. Thanks
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