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    Table of Contents This was a strategy written for the toc that never got used in a big debate. This file contains a CP which uses the plan's incentives in international env and trade talks with sets of 3 net benefit arguments.1- Trade conflicts- incentives violate wto rules and cause them, the CP negotiates an international truce on ae incentives2- Copenhagen- the plan forfeits a bargaining chip that could be used to achieve real cuts at Copenhagen, the CP gets China to agree to cuts @ Copenhagen, the evidence that warming can't be solved without also getting China to reduce emissions is quite good3- Leadership- as i was looking for "prior key" cards i found some pretty good ev about why the us needs to take the initiative and resolve trade disputes on ae incentives before they start- the evidence argues this is important for 1- env leadership (1nc nb) 2- credibility/soft power 3- competitiveness (2nc nb with a trick against the perm)I should also mention most of the key solvency cards are 08 or 09- the best ones are from march and aprilThis file includes cards to make it relevant to the squirrely affirmatives that became more popular as the year went on and even more so at the toc including ev on- U tricks about incentives now/green stimulus- non-traditional ae- including new tech and nuke power- small procurement/military affsI think this could be deployed effectively at NFLs. Perhaps not with judges wary of any use of negative fiat but I think an argument that has an intuitive link to the plan (especially compared to most condition CPs) and will help you demonstrate that you are deeper on a pretty politically significant part of topic than the aff is something a lot of judges, even NFL judges, would like to see.

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  3. available judging, coaching, etc. airfare from oakland to vegas is always less than $100 round trip Jacob Polin UC Berkeley 2010 jpolin [at] berkeley [dot] edu
  4. If anyone still needs people for judging/coaching/card cutting I'd definitely be interested Transport could be tricky- I live < 10 minutes from a southwest hub but then again CA is kinda far. But I figure its worth a shot since there's no usc/redlands this year Jacob Polin jpolin [at] berkeley [dot] edu
  5. Got a coaching gig @ ndca but I've got a full judging commitment available if someone wants it. Someone else is already covering all my expense so you could probably get me pretty cheap. Jacob Polin UC Berkeley jpolin [at] berkeley [dot] edu
  6. Already hired for the TOC but otherwise I'm lookin for work judging, coaching, cutting cards, whatever. Jacob Polin Cal '10 jpolin [at] berkeley [dot] edu
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