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  1. Marshfield is breaking new. Their other affs should be on the wiki if you know of one that's not let me know and i'll get it on there.
  2. I'm pretty sure Missouri is only sending people out of our district which is: Marshfield Sammy Johnson/Shawna Rowe Propoganda/Iraq Marshfield Matty Arthur/ Chas Freemyn New/Comfort Womyn/Okinawa Any questions feel free to ask! Everything should be on the Wiki.
  3. Samarijay

    Ozark NFL

    Final Team List Central 4 Camdenton 2 Marshfield 4 Parkview 4 Nixa 4 West Plains 2 Ozark 2 Waynesville 2 Log Rog 2 Gloria Deo 1 Greenwood 3 Houston 1
  4. Samarijay

    Ozark NFL

    Team list! Please fill in what you know Central 4- Japan, PMCs Marshfield 4- New, Japan, Night Raids Nixa 3- Afghanistan, West Plains 2- ? Greenwood 2- Afghansitan Waynesville 2- ? Camdenton 2- Afghanistan Ozark 1- ? Parkview 4- SoKo, TNWs Log Rog 2- Kuwait, TNWs
  5. Bird boy is only in our NFL district but you are right it's Afghan all dehum.
  6. Thanks! Shawna says she thinks West Plains runs Afghanistan. Shane and Jaime will be breaking new but it will be Afghanistan.
  7. Bolivar-Afghanistan Ozark-Afghanistan possibly? West Plains?
  8. I know some flows will be there but I'm pretty sure you're correct on not a lot. Hey, not like SWMO isn't used to it or anything? lol
  9. This is the information that we have as to this point. It is also the correct team list that PHS sent out this morning. Here is the team list as of 11:00 on Tuesday: 2 waynesville 3 pway central- 4 marquette- drones/ d n g/ japan 1 Neosho- dogs 1 Pattonville- turkey tnw Russia relations 3 ladue- coin 1 Grandview- 3 Nixa- coin 1 Camdenton- Afghanistan also do terminal bad 2 Lee summit west 4 liberty- all nuke weapons/ nuke umbrella 4 central- pmc and japan and tnw 2 lib north- 2 oak park- japan 3 Marshfield- 3 wm chrisman- 2 ray south- pmc 1 monett 1 gwood- all afghanistan 2 joplin- dogs and Kuwait 1 Log-Rog- Kuwait with swine flu If you have other information please post it.
  10. Team List 2 Oak Park 3 Parkway central 5 Marquette 1 Neosho 1 Pattonville 3 Ladue 3 William Chrisman 3 Nixa 2 Waynesville 2 Lee Summit West 2 Joplin 4 Liberty 4 Central 2 Liberty North 3 Marshfield 2 Raytown South 1 Greenwood There is more to be put on here. I think around 46 teams total. If you know more, fix it please.
  11. I thought cx was open? Shawna and I will be reading Iraq Advgs are oil, civil war, demo promo, and torture Any questions, just ask!
  12. Team List? Marshfield will be sending 2 Shawna Rowe and Sammy Johnson - Iraq Matty Arthur and Chas Freeman - Revised Comfort Womyn (subtract the comfort womyn) *any questions just pm one of us!
  13. Samarijay

    PTX DA

    Work on link level stuff, pc theory stuff, and impact stuff then a couple days before the tourney do the uniqueness stuff.
  14. Whoever neg repped me about how they have made it nowhere and that their case is joke. A few things to keep in my mind, they've been to two tournaments this year and have broken at the local one and won rounds at the Caucus with it as well. Also, even if you think it's a joke spend your time doing research on it not neg repping things that have nothing to do with anything besides that I think it's good they're getting to talk about what they want.
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