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  1. I am able to judge both days at the Villiger tournament for any teams looking for a judge. I live in the Philly area, so I do not need a hotel or transportation. If interested, email me at cbormson@hotmail.com. Craig
  2. I may be interested, if you still need a judge. What category are you looking for? Email me at cbormson@hotmail.com. Craig
  3. What time does the PHSSL state tournament start on Friday? I was thinking about judging, but wanted to make sure that I was available. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks. Craig
  4. I am wondering if any teams are looking a judge for NFLs. My preference is to judge LD, although I can judge policy, public forum, or the speech events as well. I can judge the entire week, if necessary. If interested, please send me an email at cbormson@hotmail.com. Thanks. Craig
  5. Are Valley Forge NFL qualifiers on March 8? Are they looking for judges? If so, do you know who I would contact? Thanks for any assistance.
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