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  1. I've decided not to jailbreak it for a variety of reasons, particularly because iphones are both fragile and expensive, making a voided warranty a Bad Idea when you're a poor college student.
  2. So, after five years of this: I've finally decided to upgrade. Naturally, I'm getting an iPhone 4. So, riddle me this, cx: never having had an iPhone before, what apps are absolutely essential? Here are a couple things I'm particularly in need of: - games (strategy/puzzle particularly, RPG if there are any good ones) - scheduler/calendar/organizer app - news etc.
  3. Thanks, Nick! I'll have to check it out.
  4. How does the new S7B compare to Alpinisms?
  5. The National's new record is amazing. The more I listen to it, the more I think I might like it more than Boxer, which is saying something. I lived with Boxer for the better part of a semester and it's probably close to my all-time top 10 favorite albums. High Violet is different, more nuanced, more edgy, but also manages to be as comforting as Boxer was at some points. "Lemonworld" is one of a handful of songs ever written I'd consider to be perfect. Looking forward to seeing them in October. Janelle Monae's debut, as Scu mentioned, is phenomenal. It's all over the place stylistically - guests range from Saul Williams to Of Montreal, and influences range from Prince to P-Funk to Outkast to James Brown to god knows what else. It's probably one of the most danceable records I've ever had in constant rotation, and the amount of nuance and range of sound and complexity in building the album's concept is absolutely mindblowing. If it weren't for The National's new record, this would pretty easily top my year-end list, fuck the second half of this year. I've probably listened to the new Beach House record, "Teen Dream", upwards of 100 times this summer. Some days I've put it on twice, and very rarely do I not listen through it at least once. It may not be particularly deep or anything new, but it does what it does really well. As mentioned, the new Yeasayer is good. I have yet to listen to the new Joanna Newsom. And the new Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy) record is great.
  6. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=5433551 fun fact: all of the high school debaters on this website were born after sage rosenfels was drafted
  7. omnomnomnom

    Make a playlist

    yeah, not gonna lie, prefuse 73 alone is reason to download that mix (however, the link doesn't work)
  8. he's been in the league 12 seasons, that tends to wear you down at a position as physical as LG. ain't any need to apologize for saying his production's dropping - it happens. plus it ain't like he hasn't had a hell of a career already - living up to that at his age is difficult.
  9. sorry, i'm a cards fan now though i'm really impressed with what cleveland's done this offseason. if colt mccoy ever starts, you can bet i'll be rooting for him.
  10. norris: yes. also, the lions had a pretty sick first round. don't know beyond that.
  11. My cousin just got cut by the jets. sports forum: what teams do you think need a veteran o-lineman with 9 straight pro bowl selections?
  12. lcd soundsystem's new record is streaming over at their website. new york times has the national's new record streaming. and npr has the new broken social scene, the fall, and the hold steady. check 'em out people
  13. - top four picks from the big 12. I like that. - Dallas got a steal with Dez Bryant at 24. He's a top 10 or top 15 pick, and easily the best WR in this draft class. Why the Bengals took Gresham (who's a TE, but still, the Bengals need a WR) and the Lions took Demaryius Thomas over Dez Bryant is beyond me. - Kinda sad the Dolphins sniped Odrick from the Jets, but we ended up with Kyle Wilson, who should be good for us. - Funniest draft-day story: word on the street is the Steelers looked at shopping Roethlisberger to the Rams for their #1 pick. - I think after round 1 the Lions and Niners both did pretty well - lions picked up Suh and Jahvid Best, Niners got a pair of OTs. - Really surprised the Vikes didn't go with Clausen... they need to pick up a QB soon, and Clausen (or McCoy) would be good to put under Favre's wing for a season, maybe two. Assuming Favre comes back. - I think the team that improved the most from round 1 has gotta be Seattle though - Russel Okung and Earl Thomas? YES PLEASE. Earl Thomas is a Darren Sharper type player - he can shift a game's momentum quickly.
  14. LOL DENVER LOL given that they gave up their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounders for tebow, this effectively means they nuked their draft. Demaryius Thomas will do OK but there was at least one, maybe two better WRs on the board at that point. also: disappointed the jets didn't trade up for earl thomas. I mean I knew it wasn't gonna happen but I had hope.
  15. Jets open with a monday-nighter hosting Baltimore. That is *really* exciting.
  16. No way NYJ picks a WR after acquiring Holmes. We've got Holmes + Braylon Edwards + Jerico Cotchery + Dustin Keller. Our receiving corps is set. Odds are we'll go with the best defensive player available. Personally, I could see us trading up for Earl Thomas or Taylor Mays. At 29, we'll probably end up with the best d-tackle on the board, hopefully Odrick.
  17. I still think TO should try to get traded to Cincinnati. Just sayin'.
  18. omnomnomnom

    espn insider

    http://insider.espn.go.com/nfl/features/rumors?&action=login&appRedirect=http%3a%2f%2finsider.espn.go.com%2fnfl%2ffeatures%2frumors#4636 also Taylor decision by early this week?
  19. Holmes was a steal for the Jets and really opens up our options with the draft, particularly so we can shore up our d-line. Now, I just hope we can reach a deal with Jason Taylor. The real benefit of the Brandon Marshall trade, to echo one of Ricky Williams' tweets from earlier today, is that it makes it harder for teams to stack the line of scrimmage and really helps their run game. It'll make the dolphins less of a one-dimensional team if Henne can make plays... we'll see how that works out. The 'fins just got better against every team in the league without Derrelle Revis.
  20. well, when you think about it, if any team in the league is going to get rid of mcnabb and keep vick, it's going to be philly. you stay classy, philadelphia.
  21. omnomnomnom

    South Park

    I think the Britney Spears episode from I think the season before last is probably my favorite. It's brilliant.
  22. omnomnomnom


    p4k fest always has a great lineup. super jealous. and phoenix are fantastic live. saw them last october. they've improved so much as a live act in the past couple of years.
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