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  1. One correction: Thomas Jefferson HS for Sci/Tech is in VA, not NY.
  2. Danny Bernick's page is excellent, as was mentioned before. Additionally, there's http://static.schooltube.com/player/panda/pnda.swf?pv=212&e=1273939354&h=794702fb24d00a90b0d6281b25183a58&vid=e37ee3be1e1647eb8c4a [Glenbooks '07 Finals, part 1] http://static.schooltube.com/player/panda/pnda.swf?pv=212&e=1273939400&h=edb795bb8c78564ee96d8a6f4914e639&vid=b031b313609f469ea2ee [Glenbrooks '07 Finals, part 2] And some college videos: [NDT '09 Finals Kansas BJ v. Wake GL] [NDT '09 Semis Kansas BJ v. Cal BP] [NDT '09 Quarters Kansas BJ v. Mary Wash KS] [NDT '09 Octos Kansas BJ v. Emory WS]http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5390665162595544147&q=ceda+2008+towson&total=2&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=0# [CEDA Nationals '08 Finals Towson CL v. Kansas JS] http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=567966331243825646&hl=en&emb=1# [CEDA Nationals '08 Quarters Towson CL v. Fort Hays HS]
  3. According to http://www.nycfl.org/, these are the qualifiers from NYCFL: Bronx Science Markoff/Chanda Monticello Burton/Gunther Stuyvesant Frankel/Goswami Stuyvesant Gordan/Kataria NFA Bapodra/Shariff NFA McCormick/Challes
  4. Arlington Diocese TJ Clark/Kessler Broad Run Bobbit/Mishra TJ Lee/Sun Briar Wood Mihelcic/Sun TJ Kim/Wang Broad Run Lepp/Sharma Washington Diocese Wilson Banks/Haberman National Cathedral Sadeghi/Sadeghi Walt Whitman Cheng/Chhabra
  5. Wow, this thread is too quiet... How were Regionals for the Beach, if you've had them already? Northern Regions results were: Contemporary 1st - Thomas Jefferson CK (4-0, 226.0) 2nd - Woodson LK (3-1, 223.0) 3rd - Thomas Jefferson LS (3-1, 216.0) Call-Up - TC Williams FE (3-1, 210.0) Classic 1st - Thomas Jefferson WZ (4-0) 2nd - West Potomac ?? (3-1) 3rd - ?? ?? (3-1) Call-Up - Thomas Jefferson DX (2-2)
  6. Westminster TA (1) v. Woodward PP (8) Bronx Sci ME (4) v. Westlake MB (5) Glenbrook South TD (2) v. Chattahoochee CR (7) Whitney Young Magnet HG (3) v. Damien GE (6) No upsets so far... (this being seeds 1 through 8)
  7. Will the results packet be released?
  8. akessler


    One other way is to triple turn yourself...aka turn the internal link. Example: 1NC: plan leads to collapse of U.S. dollar hegemony, collapse of U.S. dollar hegemony leads to economic decline, economic decline leads to nuclear war. 2AC: plan increases U.S. dollar hegemony (link turn), economic decline good (impact turn) 1AR: (if you're lucky and can cross-apply this from some other flow or something) U.S. dollar hegemony causes economic decline (internal link turn) Again the best way to get out of it is to not get into it in the first place.
  9. Some notes on Georgetown cross-x (incomplete atm): most precious resource in debate is the judge's attention cross-x is for three main things: - winning arguments (reference later in speeches) - crucial clarifications - generating the appearance of expertise and dominance principles - all (most) good cross-x questions are 15 words or less - ask the single simple question as soon as the timer goes off - argue, don't ask - if you won a key concession, repeat it, and move on smoothly - minimize transitions - if you win the cross-x, refer to it in your later speeches - quote them in a later speech - - possibly unnecessarily snarky but "<their name> in 09 says" and then quote verbatim from cross-x - single layered questions necessary moves for a 1AC being cross-xed - keep in sight what you are and are not obligated to defend - - we don't take a position on what X is, we take a position on what X means in this context
  10. If you download it, the .docx files may be named .docx.html. If so, just rename them to .docx and you should be able to open them.
  11. As a gym guy myself, I can completely confirm this. If I see a fat person at McDonald's scarfing down a trayful of Big Macs, I'm going to be a judgemental arsehole. If I see a fat person on a treadmill at the gym, actually working up a sweat, I'm thinking "Good on ya, mate."
  12. Bump. Will a full list be released at any point? The tournament is in only three days.
  13. Yeah, I don't trust it either -- especially because they're still waiting on one ballot.
  14. Has Westminster dropped any ballots yet?
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