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  1. is the field report still not out? who's going?
  2. andrewk0218

    Lincoln County

    who's going? jeff do you have the field report?
  3. the 6 week seniors lab will be nice. i'll be a rising junior by the end of the debate season, but i started high school debate in 8th grade and i went to umich 7week juniors last year, so would i be able to apply for emory 6 week seniors?
  4. Is this Andrew Kim from GAC? Andrew, hope you got in classic sophs. Lloyd is in Tim Aldretti - know which lab you are in?

  5. what was ur record to get in? i sent in my app pretty late..
  6. It is rolling admissions. We tend to let qualified people in until we're full.

  7. when does registration for the georgetown debate camp end?

  8. hey luke, can i still apply to the nu juniors lab even if i'm a rising sophomore?
  9. ...did u do policy debate in middle school or a different kind of debate?
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