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  1. I did (The Steele Curtain).
  2. Wait, you need more than Diamond 95? Impossible.
  3. He means you're going to lose on T a lot, despite the research on case you do.
  4. Yeah, an auction would be cool.
  5. Here's what I think you and similarly thinking people aren't grasping: there shouldn't be any problem with the location IF people object to hurting the sensitivities of 9/11 families, because those associated with the mosque had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks and there is no evidence that it will either be a terrorist training ground or that it'll somehow lead to Shari'a law in the U.S. Moderate Muslims are not inherently terorrists or terrorist supporters, so the issue people have with the location is indicative of their conflation of moderate and radical Islam. To me, ignorance, and in some cases outright bigotry, like you might have seen in videos of the recent NYC protest, is not an acceptable reason to garner sympathy.
  6. That's understandable, but does that mean it shouldn't be built because some think it isn't a good idea? Also, if 2 blocks is too close (despite the fact that the two buildings aren't within sight of each other), how far away does it need to be?
  7. No. They're America's nukes. Designated for delivery doesn't mean they belong to Turkey.
  8. Turkey hosts 90 US weapons, 40 of which are designated for delivery by the Turkish air force. http://www.thebulletin.org/web-edition/features/the-status-of-us-nuclear-weapons-turkey
  9. While I entirely agree with the Commerce Clause (as well as the Interstate Commerce Act) being used as constitutional backing against such discrimination, my understanding of the 13/14th amendments is a bit different. The 13th amendment's enforcement clause only allows the Congress to ensure that slavery/involuntary servitude isn't practiced, not discriminatory business practices. Also, the section pertinent to this discussion of the 14th amendment only refers to the "State", not private businesses, so the Congress can only ensure that there is no state legislation passed that deprives groups of people equal protection and due process.
  10. This generally isn't a good idea; try to create strategies to specific affirmatives. If you don't, the aff will probably win more specific link turns to disads and k's, as well as turns/no solvency arguments on counterplans. If you're insistent on a general strategy though, consult CPs (NATO and regional actors particularly) will probably be popular, with relations net benefits. In terms of K's, many don't "flow together" with cp/da's because of contradictory logic in the evidence, but I'd imagine security and fem ir will be most popular.
  11. Well, I think the point is that the market would weed out racist businesses because, as you point out, it's horrible business sense. In the mean time, let businesses make that choice for themselves. They aren't actively affecting those they're not providing business to (unless all of some hypothetical service was privatized and every store had the same restrictions), so the government shouldn't be getting involved.
  12. how 'bout "congress and human trafficking visas"? imo, it's way easier to find stuff if you take debate jargon out of your search terms
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