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  1. Matt isn't lying. Here's why I think everyone should go to SDSU. 1. You get to know your local competitors and judges - beyond just the benefits of meeting these cool people you will know more about what your judging pool likes to here and what they don't. 2. South Dakota Hall of Fame faculty - they all dominated the circuit when they debated, they can help you do the same. 3. No designated research - Most big name camps assign you to what they want you to research. No creativity. No individual ideas. SDSU lets you pick the arguments you want to write. 4. Look at the teams who won State for the last 4 years... Watertown BR, SFW SD, ABD SH, and BRK KA. Pretty sure all of them went to SDSU the summer before they won their title. It’s not a coincidence. 6. It’s cheaper than any other camp you’re considering, and there are debate scholarships if financial cost is an issue. 5. Doug Tschetter will be there. ‘Nuff said. I have gone to SDSU the last three years and I honestly never regretted it. Just because a camp is bigger, more expensive, or farther away doesn’t make it a better one. PM me if you have any specific questions. PS - I probably would be willing to judge if still in the state.
  2. yeah... palmer already signed my blue slip, so we're good. Plus, even if she didn't i would have. I've been doing that the past few weeks.

  3. go do your APEX so we can go this weekend

  4. Actually that was Akash wearing his Colter disguise... SURPRISE! Congrats to Matt/Jimmy for winning the advanced track final. Don't know who won the other one.
  5. I also endorse Mr. Brik. He's one of the coolest dudes on the circuit, and I literally can't think of one person who has ever said a single negative comment about him.
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