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  1. I started reading that book and then it disappeared.
  2. Having been in office for nearly 250 days, our 44th president has already adopted an extraordinarily casual persona. From sharing a few out of Beer Box One, to (although "off-the-record") calling Kanye a "jackass", you have to wonder how far he will go. Thus I ask you, dear cross-x, will he say "fuck" in public?
  3. Would you have me make a suit?
  4. For a moment I thought your name said "Audi" and I was going to challenge your statement that you do nothing in return.
  5. My partner and I tried to get Zebra and (after being declined) Pilot to sponsor us, as well as one or two other companies and an achieved-pseudo sponsorship. I am fairly certain it is not legal for student teams to have sponsorships that involve anything more than donations. IE: Advertising or endorsing them in return is probably not legal for a school team. I know at least in swimming they make the swimmers remove any visible labels to prevent this sort of thing.
  6. Thanks, glad to be part of the team. Aren't you headed to Harvard though?
  7. Llama Kuzco

    UTD Debate

    I quite literally just got my acceptance letter from UTD today, and am going there next fall. I would like to know a little bit about the debate team and who I should talk to about summer debate work and such.
  8. No sorry, he was waiting on me to send him 2 cards which I didn't get around to due to exams (had to pass 2 of them to graduate) but he should have it up by this evening I would think.
  9. QFA. It happens not in bomb drops, but in waste dumping - over 60 different reservations have been targets.
  10. Last question; why is the TOC good? You gave me a reason as to how I personally could lead to its ruin, but will you please answer the question. What is intrinsically good about TOC...or debate for that matter?
  11. Why is the TOC good? Doesn't that sound more like "no-link" than shifting advocacy?
  12. C-X Tiem Nao 1. Is this the entirety of the 1NC? 2. If yes, are you sure you wanna put all your eggs in one basket/can we expect new off-case arguments in the block? 3. Do you attempt to define "fuel source?" 4. Why is predictability good? 5. How could I shift advocacy?
  13. If the card doesn't negate the claims of the tag line, as a judge I would not even consider voting on this argument in the manner you described. It is possible to gain my ballot with some "setting a precedent" bullshit but sometimes people don't want to print a 4 page card where the warrants are in the first and last paragraph.
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