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  1. def getting my little hands into this one. May I judge? (you can bribe me with nuzzles)
  2. Kirk Evans is an assistant coach at UT-Austin. Kirk debated at Caddo Magnet HS in Shreveport, LA and UT-Austin. Kirk was top speaker at CEDA Nationals in 2000, got a first round to the NDT in 2000 and 2001, and reached the semis of the NDT in 2000. Also the person who cut this years Batille file (along with the help of BP Champ Flyn) and was the only person in the lab who had any idea about what was happening.
  3. false, its only a bad K if your not Kirk
  4. OK fine be that way Mr Venus in Furs.
  5. NOOOOOOOOO SYMBOLIC VIOLENCE MY NIGGS. Not the real shit, the fake we gonna do it in a secret chamber kinda violence. Hitler released violent energy. sacrifice stops the build up of violent energy
  6. Lets be honest here, the only one who knows the answer is Kirk. Anyone else is just guessing.
  7. NO WE DON"T aAnd course colin got no interwebs his trailer blew away wizard of ozz stYle
  8. Sweet Ev

    Pump up songs

    damn it, way to beat me to the trolling. But 4 reals I get dwn to R Black AND DUBSTEP
  9. Sweet Ev

    Help me cross-x

    just try /r/ they have been really helpfull with what Ive been looking for
  10. Sweet Ev

    She is hot

    winning. I love how this website has become 4chan for debaters
  11. QFA you don't actually have to attend the TOC just be expected to attend (which could mean many things).
  12. well that wasn't needed now was it chris.
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