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  1. I conclude that graduation and the end of high school has come too quickly.
  2. That is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. O.o Next to Randi, of course!
  3. zerobetold

    UW Debate

    Thanks for the clarification, a few of us were wondering =) And that's awesome that at least the current kids get to finish out their careers. Hopefully (fingerscrossed), the economy will turn around soon enough.
  4. Erin and I are down. Our contact: a.mp@live.com
  5. zerobetold


    Don’t Hold Back, We Weren’t Made For That Handprints in the snow flow finger by finger, carving the canyons with moves all too skillful than what you’ve boasted, what you’ve boasted. Work your way across the rivers and mold those river rocks into stepping stones so you can make it, make it on through. Find your way across in precise calculations (calculate on through, with that blindfold ‘round your eyes), and end up on that frost-covered green, green, greener side. Trek just farther on and you’ll find mountains brimming with snow, just begging to be traveled. They mock you, tease you, tempt you, all with one goal: climb higher, higher. Now let it sink in, that sight above, and blow those western winds across the entire canyon; scream it out, exactly what you want…Don’t hold back, we weren’t made for that. Now calm, cool down and fall back to that snow, let the cold surround you, suck you in. Notice how it numbs it, notice how it thaws it? Bury yourself in those thick, fat snowflakes and let them cover your body like divine diamonds, true beauty. Feel how they suck it all away? Feel how they make it all okay? Time to move on, move on because you can’t stay like this forever, gotta start to shiver at some point. Move on boy, to a place beyond any of us. Move beyond yourself until you quake into me. See those ravines on either side of the path? It means if you veer off, you may just get hurt, you may just get hurt. So keep on going, keep on going, but notice how those ravines resemble the cracks in your heart, the fraying stitches in your chest? Keep moving, keep moving, until that mountain is a made a mole hill. But first, turn back, and notice how that frigid air has made peace with those beautiful dark, dark green eyes-sky? Watch the snow melt crystal by crystal, only to reveal beating life below, ever so below. Watch that heart be born for your eyes, and just for your eyes; know that no one else will see the earth like you have, feel the earth like you have. The sun’s cresting now, telling you, “Forget me not, forget me not.” The promise lingers back in those handsome eyes of yours as you lean back and spread your arms wide open, into the unforgettable sunlight. Don’t hold back, we weren’t made for that.
  6. Hmmmn my favorite moment.....had to of been jamming out on the way home from state to an old '90s cd player/stereo. Oh! And all of Tonkovitch's ballots!
  7. I conclude that I'm going to miss you guys )= I conclude that school board meetings are weird with the lack of clapping
  8. Thanks for the self-esteem boost and all but seriously! You guys were beyond impressive o.o And when you get killed -well- (as in non-screwy judging/just plain awesome debating), ya know, you enjoy it haha
  9. Tiff and Kacey do indeed have crazy mind tricks haha Yeah Policy is very new to our team. Carina sort of fell into our lap and she debated policy for Worland way back when lol. So thank you Worland for our policy program =D
  10. 1. Best Varsity Team – CREEK Takeda/ ? My memory escapes me on their names...All I know is we (Erin and I) hit them in sems at Cheyenne East...and it was the single-most solid ass-whooping we have ever received. And I loved every minute lol 2. Best Novice team- Ours =D Chrissy & Sarah haha But Natrona didn't fair too badly at state! 3. Most Underrated debater: I agree, Talcott most def 4. Best Squad- Gotta say GR lol but Newcastle has class!! Which we do no always have =( lol 5. Best Affirmative Team- Darshan and Liz 6. Best 1A- Jared Fanning FTW 7. Best 2A- Darshan Patel kills the 2A with the fiery passion of a wrathful god lol 8. Best Negative Team- Bryce and David =D 9. Best 1N- Jared 10. Best 2N- Bryce? 11. Prettiest Speaker- Erin Jarnagin. Damn I want her bod 12. Fastest Debater- Yea, I think GR is the fastest, honestly 13. Most likely to do well next year- Tiffany, Damion, Bryce&David, Randi, Bethany 14. Person most likely to graduate and judge- MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I'll only be down the road at the big UW 15. Best Judge- Chris Crowe=God to me. seriously. After I got his ballot from Douglas Sems I was like O= there is a god. This is really embarassing considering the fact he is on this forum. oh well. 16. coach of the year- Carina, we had some serious coach drama this year and she kept us together and pulled everything through 17. Best K debater- Bryce&David 18. Best Counterplan debater- I think Erin and I are the only ones who ran them lol. till Darshan and Liz started to haha 19. Best T debater – hmmmn none I can think of 20. Best partnership: Darshan and Liz 21. Most Untopical case: All cases that gave incentives for specific alt. energy mechanisms 22. Best negative position: Yea, I'd say the States Carbon CP kicked ass 23. Funniest off case position you saw: "You are not topical because your alt energy derives from fossil fuels" silly, silly people on cap and trade 24. Favorite tourney: Douglas 25. Least favorite tourney: KW, we went like 1-4 lol 26. Scariest Debater: Kacey...it's the black o.o 27. Funniest Debater/Coach/Judge: Myself (JK I'm not funny at all) Liz was freaking hilarious in a very quiet sort of way/JASON WAGGIE/JASON WAGGIE 28. Senior I will miss most: Hmmn. Given that I'm a senior, can I just say I will miss the community most?
  11. It was, in fact, for sure, waived because of the blizzard.
  12. Districts isn't run with the precedence that if two teams have hit each other they won't hit each other again. Each new Districts round is sort of like a blank slate, except for the fact that undefeated teams get whichever side they are "due" (aff or neg) above evryone else. The only reason I know this is because at last year's Wind River District, I hit the same team three times in a row. And at this year's district we hit Powell OS twice in a row and Tiff and Kacey hit Cody twice in a row. And so we looked it up in the manual, and that's what it says =)
  13. I really hope this turns out positive for you guys =( And it's true, the reason we got two qualifiers was because the roads were bad. So why wouldn't it work the other way around?
  14. Hey Bryce! I'm glad to hear you guys will get the chance to qualify in another district. Keep me updated on how you do! Represent for Wyo haha
  15. zerobetold

    UW Debate

    Did you guys hear about the parli team at all?
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