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  1. Greenhill RR - Congo Basin: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Greenhill+RR+-+Olivia+Rogan+%26+Nick+Rogan+aff St. Marks KB - Nanotech: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/St.+Marks+KB-+Jordan+Blumenthal+%26+Alex+Katz+aff
  2. Bellarmine DR/ Valley HR Bishop Guertin CP/ College Prep KV Bronx BG/ GBS QZ Bronx BM/ Chattahoochee PS Brophy MM/ Meadows KS Calhoun HJ/ Highland Park GO Carrollton SH/ HEAD Royce SZ Cathedral CH/ Colleyville DH Centerville CY/ Westminster AS Chattahoochee BP/ New Trier GH Chattahoochee CZ/ Head Royce BZ Chattahoochee FL/ Lexington TZ Chattahoochee KM/ Damien CG Chattahoochee LR/ Notre Dame AD Chattahoochee PS/ Bronx BM College Prep CH/ Meadows BS College Prep KV/ Bishop Guertin CP Colleyville DH/ Cathedral CH Colleyville MN/ St Marks BK Coppell BK/ Rowland Hall BL Dallas Jesuit GO/ New Trier BR Dallas Jesuit HN/ Greenhill HS Damien CG/ Chattahoochee KM Damien EN/ Lakeland RW Damien HR/ Fullerton GS Ft Laud BM/ Pace AL Fullerton GS/ Damien HR GBN OZ/ Milton BL GBS LP/ Little Rock LS GBS QZ/ Bronx BG Grapevine BP/ Mercer CK Greenhill BL/ Kinkaid KS Greenhill HS/ Dallas Jesuit HN Greenhill RR/ Westminster AJ Groves BG/ Stratfrod CK Head Royce BZ/ Chattahoochee CZ HEAD Royce SZ/ Carrollton SH Highland Park GO/ Calhoun HJ Highland Park PY/ Walter Payton RT Jenks KS/ St Stephens VP Kinkaid BS/ lexington LS Kinkaid KS/ Greenhill BL Lakeland RW/ Damien EN lexington LS/ Kinkaid BS Lexington TZ/ Chattahoochee FL Little Rock LS/ GBS LP MBA AM/ Sheboygan KM Meadows BS/ College Prep CH Meadows KS/ Brophy MM Mercer CK/ Grapevine BP Milton BL/ GBN OZ New Trier BR/ Dallas Jesuit GO New Trier GH/ Chattahoochee BP NFA BP/ SFA BR Notre Dame AD/ Chattahoochee LR Notre Dame BP/ Woodward MN Pace AL/ Ft Laud BM Rowland Hall BL/ Coppell BK SFA BR/ NFA BP Sheboygan KM/ MBA AM St Marks BK/ Colleyville MN St Stephens VP/ Jenks KS Stratfrod CK/ Groves BG Valley HR/ Bellarmine DR Walter Payton RT/ Highland Park PY Westminster AJ/ Greenhill RR Westminster AS/ Centerville CY Woodward MN/ Notre Dame BP Results within the hour.
  3. Meadows KS - Somaliland: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Meadows+KS+-+Bobby+Kim+%26+Jeremy+Selesner+aff
  4. Colleyville DH - Air Force: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Colleyville+DH+-+Evan+DeFillippis+%26+James+Hamraie+aff Greenhill HS - Bio-D: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Greenhlll+HS+-+Bryant+Huang+%26+Hayden+Schottlander+aff Stratford CK - TB: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Stratford+Academy+CK+-+Brian+Cole+%26+William+Karlson+aff Bronx Science BG - Nanotech: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Bronx+Science+BG+-+Francisco+Bencosme+%26+Kristina+Gunnarsdottir+aff Sheboygan KM - Biopiracy: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Sheboygan+North+KM+Aff
  5. Rowland Hall - Chikungunya: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Rowland+Hall+St.+Marks+BL+-+Chase+Burton+%26+Melissa+Leeworthy+aff Cathedral Prep CH - New AFRICOM adv.: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/page/diff/Cathedral+Prep+CH+-+Mike+Carlotti+%26+Leo+Hayes+aff/23405845 Groves BG - Ebola: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Groves+BG+-+Sophia+Goren+%26+Maya+Bhardwaj+aff Dallas Jesuit OG - Monetization: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Dallas+Jesuit+OG+-+Sean+O%E2%80%99Brien+%26+Rich+Graham+aff Someone better videotape some outrounds and put them on Google Video or something.
  6. New affs broken: Rowland Hall BL - Chicken Flu: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Rowland+Hall+St.+Marks+BL+-+Chase+Burton+%26+Melissa+Leeworthy+aff New Trier BR - Tobacco: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/New+Trier+BR+-+Vanessa+Bernick+%26+Rob+Rein+aff Dallas Jesuit - Child Soldiers: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Dallas+Jesuit+OG+-+Sean+O%E2%80%99Brien+%26+Rich+Graham+aff Woodward MN - AIDS: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Woodward+MN+-+Brittany+Nehmen+%26+Evan+Matthews+aff GBS QZ - Genetics: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Glenbrook+South+QZ+-+Colin+Quinn+%26+Alex+Zimmer+aff Westminster AJ/AS - some changes: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Westminster+JA+-+Rajesh+Jegadeesh+%26+Priyanka+Anand+aff New Trier GH - Gag Rule: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/New+Trier+GH+-+Ross+Gordon+%26+Irvin+Ho+aff Little Rock LS - Disease Surveillance: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Little+Rock+LS+-+Hillary+Ledwell+%26+Robert+Shuffield+aff Damien CG/HR - Removed med teams adv., added Containment adv.: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Damien+CG+-+Trevor+Chenowith+%26+Andres+Gannon+aff Dallas Jesuit HN - AIDS: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Dallas+Jesuit+HN+-+John+Hill+%26+Gabriel+Nunez-Lafontaine+aff Bronx Science BG - Tobacco: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Bronx+Science+BG+-+Francisco+Bencosme+%26+Kristina+Gunnarsdottir+aff Calhoun JH - Performance-based Grants: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Calhoun+JH+-+Ben+Jordon+%26+Dana+Higgins+aff Greenhill BL - Darfur: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Greenhill+BL-+Nupi+Bhushan+%26+Anna+Litman+aff Jenks SK - HIV: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Jenks+SK+-+Neal+Sharma+%26+Ryan+Kelkar+aff Colleyville MN - Global Health Corp: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Colleyville+MN+-+Alex+Nasr+%26+Andrew+Murray+aff GBS LP - AIDS: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Glenbrook+South+LP+-+Winston+Luo+%26+Grant+Peretz+aff Kinkaid KS - Landmines: http://2008toccaselist.wikispaces.com/Kinkaid+KS+%E2%80%93+Layne+Kirshon+%26+Craig+Smyser+aff
  7. Round 4 pairings: Bellarmine DR/ Lexington LS Bishop Guertin CP/ Chattahoochee LR Brophy MM/ Centerville CY Calhoun HJ/ Head Royce BZ Carrollton HS/ Greenhill HS Cathedral CH/ Walter Payton RT Chattahoochee CZ/ Grapevine BP Chattahoochee FL/ Jenks KS Chattahoochee KM/ Highland Park GO College Prep CH/ Damien EN College Prep KV/ Valley HR Colleyville DH/ MBA AM Colleyville MN/ GBS LP Coppell BK/ Groves BG Damien CG/ Kinkaid BS Damien HR/ Pace AL GBN OZ/ Ft Laud BM Greenhill BL/ Dallas Jesuit GO Greenhill RR/ Head Royce SZ Kinkaid KS/ Fullerton GS Lexington TZ/ Lakeland RW Mercer CK/ New Trier GH Milton BL/ Chattahoochee BP New Trier BR/ St. Marks BK NFA BP/ Chattahoochee PS Notre Dame AD/ Woodward MN Notre Dame BP/ Little Rock LS Rowland Hall BL/ GBS QZ SFA BR/ Bronx Science BG Sheboygan KM/ Dallas Jesuit HN St. Stephens PV/ Highland Park PY Stratford CK/ Meadows BS Westminster AJ/ Bronx BM Westminster AS/ Meadows KS
  8. What time does Round 4 start?
  9. GBS QZ broke a new aff. Genetics?
  10. Yeah, KCC's aff was based around Pedagogy of the Oppressed, if I'm not mistaken.
  11. Kansas City Central rapped their 1AC during the peacekeeping topic. It's one big metaphor. To the beat of Dr. Dre's "Still Dre" http://youtube.com/watch?v=bzNkwBeU2Us My school is almost 100 percent black. Just seventeen out of three thousand kids tested proficient in math. It's the same in English, social studies, and science. "Academic deficient" is how we're defined. The only foreign language we get offered is Spanish. French or Russian? Teacher said I wouldn't understand it. Walk in my school, it's like goin' to jail. Metal detectors guard our academic hell. Early last month there was a fight at my school Two girls hittin' each other, tryin' to be cool. Has your school ever had a fight? Maybe some teachers break it up, right? Not at my school. The state believes all blacks are fools. At Central they treated us like rioters. They called in twelve cop cars and a helicopter. You want war, Don't go to Liberia or East Timor. We're the war-torn foreign nation y'all been lookin' for. Just come over to the East Side of Kansas City, Where the crime is thick and gritty. I joined debate to give meaning to my life, To help my mind escape the pain and strife. But when I come here, what do I see? Not many people who look like me. When I joined the team as a freshman, ninth grade, There were dozens of novices who came out and played. But now there's just three varsity Central debaters, yo. I bet you wonder where did they all go? Don't say they dropped out, 'cause they still in school, But they're not in debate 'cause it made 'em feel like fools. Why? 'Cause they can't relate To the way y'all debate. And that's a disgrace. The world is like the public school system, divided and unfair. The UN is like the debate community, where we can gather and share New ideas, new voices, new points of view. In debate, judges hold the power to decide what to do, Same way the U.S. federal government tells the world what to do. In know you're asking, "What's this jive he's laying down?" It's a metaphor to bring the resolution to the ground Where we're all standing. HERE! In this debate round, Where we have the power to change The same racism the plagues the UN.
  12. does anyone have a review of these folders? they're hella cheap, but i'm worried that they're so cheap they might be crap http://www.buyonlinenow.com/viewproduct.asp?sku=SPR26535
  13. Actually, if I'm not mistaken, a gaylord is a measurement for boxes, used in the packaging industry. One gaylord box is 48" x 40" x 36" and fits neatly on a standard shipping pallet.
  14. I wish there were more than 3 judges. RFDs are the best parts of these virtual debates, particularly from experienced debaters.
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