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  1. tlminton

    Lacan :)

    This is the right vibe to be getting. I, as well as other people on OU's debate team who also run Lacan regularly (including one of the top debaters in the country), have watched Mr. Bates butcher Lacan over and over again. We try to give him advice so he can run the K correctly, but he's apparently just too good to listen to us.
  2. tlminton


    You would probably just want to say "military bad" and have a reverse heg (heg bad) advantage. There's lots of evidence there.
  3. tlminton

    natives aff

    [edit] Indians could be cool..
  4. (After asking a judge to disclose) "Hell, I don't know. They just told me to drive the bus up here. Next thing I know I'm having to listen to whatever this is."
  5. tlminton


    I'm looking for someone from Oklahoma to room with me at the UTNIF Experienced Seminar (Session 2). Anyone interested?
  6. Another Brick In the Wall, Pt. 3 - Pink Floyd
  7. topicality of public health (i see that's been mentioned already) some generic disads, malthus, fiscal discipline, etc. and at least one kritik, probably biopower, disaster porn (it's my personal favorite), or eurocentrism
  8. i'll be doing the experienced seminar if i can raise sufficient funds
  9. No, I didn't! I wanted to go to Projekt Revolution this year, but couldn't because of distance/money problems.
  10. The Kingfisher Debate team wants to send 1-3 people to the UTNIF Experienced Seminar over the summer. However, as is to be expected, funding is a problem. How could a small school like ours, in a town that doesn't seem to care about it's multiple state championship winning debate team raise the money needed? ($5,500-$8500)
  11. debaters definitely use A LOT of jargon, and many times non-debaters have a hard time comprehending, but I don't think it will reach the level of 1984 or anything. our teams typically use a ton of jargon in the constructives, but then we really "dumb it down" in the rebuttals. we're not that ungood
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