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  1. sugar in the gas tank of the bus that transported them there
  2. We sell chicken biscuits in the morning twice a week for $2.25. We buy them at $1.75 and make a profit of anywhere between $150 to $250 in a single week
  3. 2:37 deserves an A- If you liked Gus Van Sant's Elephant, then you'll definitely enjoy this one
  4. HoboTed

    GHSA State

    Big division Top Speakers Aff Layton (Milton) Walker (Warner Robins) McKay (Milton) Zhang (Hooch) Yan (Northview) Neg Bailey (Milton) Choy (Hooch) Sung (northview) Saenz (Alpharetta) Sethi (Alpharetta) School records: Houston: 0-12 Milton: 12-0 Northside: 3-9 Northview: 7-5 Sequoyah: 6-6 Warner Robins: 7-5 Alpharetta: 8-4 Central Gwinnett: 3-9 Hooch: 8-4 Fayette: 6-6 Small Division Top speakers Aff: Armstrong (Pace) Kim (GACS) Mills (Carrollton) DeFoor (Calhoun) Jordan (Calhoun) Neg: Lee (pace) Bearden (Calhoun) Rab (GACS) Leggett (Calhoun) Seco (Pace) School records: Calhoun: 9-3 Carrollton: 6-6 Dodge County: 1-11 GACS: 9-3 Grady: 6-6 Lincoln County: 4-8 Pace: 12-0 Trion: 1-11
  5. GT and KO from DDI put out GTMHR negs
  6. Person Pitch by Panda Bear, damn fine record with some great, epic songs
  7. HoboTed

    33 1/3

    yeah, i have one for the velvet underground and nico. that was a pleasant heroin-filled read
  8. HoboTed

    2008: A Year in Music

    A week, really? The first leak I heard about was a vinyl rip on atease and on the Animal Collective boards yesterday.
  9. HoboTed

    2008: A Year in Music

    Animal Collective's new album "Merriweather Post Pavilion" leaked today, and is without a doubt their best-recorded album, and quite possibly their best album to date. Check out "Summertime Clothes," "My Girls," and "Brother Sport"
  10. HoboTed

    BCS Pick'em

    Florida Texas USC Bama Cincinnati
  11. HoboTed

    Sequoyah (Nov 8)

    Have to agree here
  12. How can you prove abuse on Topicality in a debate round? I know that you're supposed to frame a world in which the aff is considered topical and how that limits the neg, but I don't really know how to do that. I tried at a recent tournament to give a story of how their plan text (xo w/ dod attainder for sps) didn't allow me to use certain disads and cps, but the judge didn't buy it. Any suggestions?
  13. Name: Ryan Conn Age: 17 Gender: Male Hometown: Lawrenceville, GA School: Central Gwinnett How long have you been debating? 3 years Why do you debate? New ideas and he variety of arguments that are out there In what style (policy oriented, critical, project, communication skills, etc) do you prefer to debate, and why? Mostly policy, but I will go into K if I want What style do you find to be the most effective, and why? I can go either way if undercovered What style do you consider the most valid/worthwhile, and why? Policy moreso, I don't like how generic most Ks can be and how they can link to anything, but they are legit in my opinion Has there been a single author whom you utilize most frequently in order to make arguments, and if so, who and why? No How many, on average, authors do you read in order to research a single argument or position? I usually only read the authors in my 1AC, so 20 maybe? Have there been any “debate” authors who have affected you personally? Who have your coaches advised you to read the most? No Do you feel that debate contributes to your life? Yes How often do you read and/or participate on this forum? Read more than participate Why do you read and participate on this forum? To learn more about debate Do you consider HS debate to be a community? Yes What function, if any, does this forum serve in any potential debate community? It allows people who compete on a more national circuit to stay in contact and to receive help outside of their means Is there literature about debate that you read? No Do you think that the finished output of debate work is a form of writing? Why or why not? Yes, because the craft that goes into the argumentation requires deft knowledge of structuring your speech in a persuasive manner Do you write in any other context outside of this forum about debate? Yes Do you think that debate helps your academic writing? Yes Do you plan to go to college? Yes If so, do you plan on debating in college? Depends Is there anything that you hope to contribute to debate? Only myself Where do you see HS debate going in the future and why? i don't know, anything's possible
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