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  1. I dont know the whole story but the plan increases "energy" in the context of a critical framework that "energy" is a religion. Its something along the line of that i think. I'm sorry cause i know its a little unclear im just trying to explain it the best i can.
  2. Im trying to say that their plan text is just the resolution. But their case actualy doesn't have any incentives what so ever.
  3. Hey, i was wondering, what happens when another teams plan text is topical like its just the resolution, but none of their evidence relates to their plan text? If this is a little shady let me know im trying to word this the best i can.
  4. Hmmmmmmm, cool, so what would be some interesting dirty words on the Links?
  5. Hey, i was just wondering what kind of one word language K's there could be on this topic? Anyone got any ideas?
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