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  1. 1st: Sam Barlow: Cameron Nilles and Mitch Dunn 2nd: Century: Joe Worthey and Tool Alt: Tigard
  2. or the aff has to win that budgets don't matter because we will just deficit spend i.e. the status quo with every policy passed right now. Also, most teams can win that the energy that would be put towards the oil crunch can now be invested into the alternative energy meaning that the two are not mutually exclusive.
  3. I understand that the disad is off of the affirmatives plan, but the disad doesnt disprove the resolution. While the "perm text" would be intrinsic, most of the intrinsic perms bad standards are not reasons to reject this particular perm. And also, the neg runs the tradeoff as a disad, but the neg (if they are good) will usually say that their alternative energy solves all of the case in which the neg is advocating their position very much like a counter plan advocacy meaning that if it were a counter plan, the perm would be legitimate, making the perm on the disad a lot easier for a judge to buy.
  4. It seems to me that most cases will be able to solve back for the internal link to the disad, and being that its their aff, probably have pretty strong evidence saying so. The only way that an aff wouldn't solve back for the terminal impact is if it is hyper-specific to the energy that the focus is being taken away from, in which case is extremely hard to outweigh generic advantages such as peak oil and warming. Plus, disad's like this (in my opinion) justify the internsic perm on the disad. The disad doesnt disprove the resolution, essentially the neg team still advocates another form of alternative energy just its a disad instead of a non-competitive counter plan, thus i think that the aff should be able to perm: do both. why not offer incentives to both forms of alternatives. And while the perm is technically intrinsic, non of the abuse stories for the intrinsic perm are relevant being that the neg is running it as a counter advocacy, its just like a counter plan perm: do the plan and the counterplan.
  5. thuglife

    Al-Shifa Neg

    Does anyone know if there is any other advantages ran with this case besides the pre-emptive strikes advantages that Damien runs and terrorism?
  6. thuglife

    Al-Shifa Neg

    So I am finishing up my prep for nats that is coming up next week and i think I'm good against basically every case except for one. That is the Al-Shifa Aff. Does anyone have any good ideas to run against this aff that they would want to share?
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