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  1. Thanks, guys. Couldn't have asked for a better four years.
  2. Results are (roughly) as follows: Quarters: Central d. Lee Summit West (3-0) Carthage A d. Jeff City Marquette d. ??? Ray Town South d. Nixa Semis: Central d. Carthage A (3-0) Ray Town South d. Marquette (3-0?)
  3. siegby


    I have a Mac. The shortcuts you listed are hotkeys - not macros. I use F5 for the unread font, F6 for underline, F7 for tag and cite, and F8 for header. Cmmnd + shift + a for paste special (unformatted) and a few others for highliting and other various tasks. These are hotkeys. The question I had, then, is: what does everyone else use? I'm sure there are macros I don't know about. Not hotkeys (just one task) but a macro (several mashed together).
  4. siegby

    NBA Basketball

    What teams do you think will be in Conference championships? Alternatively, what four teams do you think are the best? MVP? I think ROY honors are pretty well solidified.
  5. siegby


    I am going to be teaching the younger kids on my squad about Macros and how they improve your efficiency in card cutting. I don't use a whole lot, though, and I certainly won't pretend to be a master. Therefore, I'm curious: What are some macros that the community uses? I'm not talking about macros for paperless debating (although, if you are particularly well informed about paperless debating with a Mac, I would be interested) - but rather macros for card cutting.
  6. I can finally say yes.
  7. how much neg rep can a post get?
  8. You spoil me, Clayton. And, for the record, Clayton is probably one of the most complete debaters from Central since Forrest (the Forrest that cared). Central RR or Central RW - '11-'12
  9. This is limited to my side of the world - if it wasn't, most of the top would be Marquette or Tom Tom. Also competitive would be Winston and Alex Chang Best 1A- Grayson Cooper/Brittany D (at least when she was pointed in the right direction) Best 2A- Kelsey Garnett Best 1N- Never really saw a particularly fearsome 1N. From what I hear, though, it probably would have had to be Clayton (when he actually was). Best 2N- Nick Erwin Best Team- Sammy/Shawna, probs (although I never saw them this year). Best LDer- C-Donze Best Negative Position- T Worst Negative Postion- Appeasement Case of the Year- Ehh... Affs sucked this year. South Korea by default. Worst Case of the Year- Afghanistan cases were sub par Ultimate Kritik- Neolib Counterplan of the Year- Consult Anyone Best DA- Relations Worst DA- Probably Dip Cap - the story makes no sense! Best Card- Anything by Boot Worst Card- Feffer (NIMBY movement) Fastest Debater- Clayton Russo Best Word Economy- Always Forrest. Best Spreaders- Chas/Maddi Best Speakers- John Ross. Most improved team- Nick and Devon (and an honorable mention to Griffin because goddamn that kid is smart) Team that will likely become great- David/Devin if they keep it up Best adapters- Kelsey Most likely to run Irony- Anne. Most likely to amaze you with a cool position- Marshfield was the only creative team this year Most likely to take off shirt- I hope it's Grayson Judge of the Year - I'd say Jace, since he's the only judge I've seen more than once. Panel of the year - Neosho finals - 2 lays, 2 tab, 1 stock issues, 1 k-judge, 2 "don't bore me" judges, and 1 policymaker Ballot of the year (text) - Best Run Tourney- Parkview Worst Run Tourney- Ozark. Always. Most qualified Judging pool Tourney- Parkview Worst qualified Judging pool Tourney - MSHSAA districts (with the exception of a notable few) along with Ozark Most interesting tourny moment - Ozark awards ceremony. Oh god. Most Admired coach (NOT your own)- Chris Roberds. He's bringing policy back (yeah) Squad of the Year (NOT your own)- Tom Tom. This is an obligatory reference to how amazing he and Mihir are. Person who has contributed the most to the program- oooh... tough. I will edit this later.
  10. Having just had districts... Best 1A- Best 2A- Best 1N- Best 2N- Best Team- Best LDer- Best Negative Position- Worst Negative Postion- Case of the Year- Worst Case of the Year- Ultimate Kritik- Counterplan of the Year- Best DA- Worst DA- Best Card- Worst Card- Fastest Debater- Best Word Economy- Best Spreaders- Best Speakers- Most improved team- Team that will likely become great- Best adapters- Most likely to run Irony- Most likely to amaze you with a cool position- Most likely to take off shirt- Judge of the Year - Panel of the year - Ballot of the year (text) - Best Run Tourney- Worst Run Tourney- Most qualified Judging pool Tourney- Worst qualified Judging pool Tourney - Most interesting tourny moment - Most Admired coach (NOT your own)- Squad of the Year (NOT your own)- Person who has contributed the most to the program-
  11. siegby

    Ozark NFL

    Any word on the new aff?
  12. siegby

    Ozark NFL

    uh what? Also: can I get cites for either of the affs we know about? ALSO: any hints on NEW NEW aff? EDIT: Probably should have seen this coming. Oil Price fluctuation = lol
  13. siegby

    MSHSAA District 8

    For the record, Camdenton is in our district. They have a persuasive team (Kevin Byyyyyrd). Anyone know what they run? I'd guess Afghanistan, honestly.
  14. siegby

    MSHSAA District 8

    You are my favorite. Your posts are always so useful! No idea what West plains runs, though. What can you tell me about Shane and Jaime's Afghanistan aff? They will run that, right?
  15. Who is goiiiingggg? Case list whether you like it or not, even if the team doesn't post here. Log Rog - Kuwait Waynesville - TNWs/Japan Nixa - Afghanistan, Depleted Uranium Bullets, and APPARENTLY MAYBE SOMETHING ELSE >:C Central - Okinawa Marshfield - Japan, New of some sort Greenwood - Afghanistan Parkview - South Korea/TNWs(?) Bolivar - Afghanistan Ozark - Afghanistan(?) Anyone else?
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