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  1. have we mentioned how cute he is?
  2. The UT Debate camp has a 3-week session from June 20th - July 9th. http://studentorgs.utexas.edu/debate/UTNIF/
  3. tbh, doing well in college primarily has to do with how much you're willing to dedicate yourself. texas' very own kenny cauthen was a former uil debater that crossed over to the dark side - and now he is texas' top team and had been ranked quite a few times in the top 25 in the coaches poll.
  4. skrz


    i am spartacus! p.s. dulles doesn't run arguments per se, but kevin (esp now with faraz) just get voted up because they're both so small and cute.
  5. skrz

    AT- Psychoanalysis

    psychiatry =/= psychoanalysis
  6. skrz

    Churchill Classic

    yeah i sat, as usual. congrats to all the teams that competed!
  7. skrz

    Churchill Classic

    i dunno kersch, i feel like the tournament ultimately comes down to debates over meaningless strands of 20th century french philosophy and just shit, really, but i digress... absent the nonsense that goes on (but hey, it's the san antonio tournament the hip austin locals go to right?), i can likewise attest to brian's praise of the tournament - it was definitely the best judged non-state tournament carl and i attended and, in spite of it being 5 rounds (which is a plus really), everything ran on time (but not as on time as nazi railroads).
  8. ethics challenges should not be made lightly. i suggest be certain in this case before calling someone out i.e. asking lawrence instead of confronting him on an online forum. i don't understand the need for this witch-hunt beyond public humiliation. this is childish. dear god steven, you're in college now, i know you have better things to do. if file-stealing does go on then that's something that should be settled between students and their coaches rather than this inane online bickering. a&m consolidated proves best - if you are unethical, the circuit will find out. i imagine most coaches are like aimee and would take responsibility and make sure the necessary measures are taken. and, i give lawrence enough credit to change any files he may have hypothetically stolen (and not read those cards in front of hart). otherwise, he may not have been knowingly participating - an issue that could be settled over a couple of pm's. so let's try to move past this westwood v. lawrence trend and focus on bigger issues texas has to deal with like uil state.
  9. jeffrey liu former debater for a&m consolidated high school debating at ut finalist at uil 5a, octafinalist at tfa state i'd like to judge c-x though i can do extemp as well (fx bid at churchill). i can also help cut cards/coach etc. austin area preferred though i could easily be persuaded to venture elsewhere. j.liu@mail.utexas.edu
  10. a dolly is also convenient if possible (the obvious counterpart to your tubs and expandoes).
  11. sorry, wasn't a "deadline" but the application fee is an extra $35 according to the site (but you get your money back if there's no more room).
  12. utnif doesn't have a "kritik program" per se but it does have a reputation as a more critically-oriented camp due to its often innovative and creatives approaches to the topic, oftentimes producing unique affirmatives on the given topic or at least giving popular affirmatives a unique spin. of course, you'll learn about all other aspects of the topic as well. you shouldn't worry about being just a sophomore, people of all different skills go to utnif which is good to give you exposure to all types of debate. i mean, the whole point is to learn, right? i would reccomend the experienced seminar if you can afford it - look here to see what i said about it in other threads. otherwise, marathon is great as well, there are several people from my school going.
  13. 1. food - castilian cafeteria isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be and there's more variety than from what i remember than eating at unt. AND austin is just great for food - very vegetarian-friendly (gotta try veggie heaven and the sesame tofu at hoa-hoa which is in the dobie, full of other restaurants as well) and also other great musts like pizza from the mellow mushroom and mediterranean food from the kismet cafe (all of which are within short walking distance from the dorm). 2. gym/pool - like avi said, the castilian has a pool and workout area. i'm almost certain utnifers can use the workout area but you can shoot an email to randy just to check. and there's a place to play basketball right outside the dorms. 3. park - great places around the austin campus to play ultimate or whatever and lab leaders like mike jones are almost always game to play. plus, i hear there are new elevators at the castilian which are usually the biggest complaint (as opposed to no elevators at the dorms i stayed at when i was at unt).
  14. i agree with what hank said; shelling out more for experienced is definitely worth it - it's your senior year, you should make it count. to elaborate more on the difference between marathon and experienced - the marathon program is known for it's sheer number of practice debates. it's known refining skills you need to debate. the experienced program, in contrast, takes a more detailed examination of the topic. for one, the experienced lab cuts their own aff which is always unique; rarely (if ever) is the experienced aff replicated elsewhere - stick with the innovators, not the imitators. cutting the aff at utnif also requires an in-depth reading and discussing of the first-hand and second-hand literature behind the affirmative so you actually understand what you're talking about. i know teddy albiniak (one of the best coaches i know and one of the greatest people you will ever meet) sort of constrained the development of the experienced aff to make sure everybody in the lab understood it well. that's dedication you rarely see in anybody and that's one of the things i loved about utnif and teddy in particular - that the focus was not on amount of evidence produced but on understanding the evidence at hand. my partner went to utnif's experienced lab after only debating for one year - this year, my partner and i broke at both our state tournaments (octafinals at tfa and 2nd at uil) for what it's worth. and yes, i'm name-dropping here but craig smyser of kinkaid also attended experienced last year and he has some obscene number of toc bids (9 if i'm not mistaken). and of course, feel free to ask any questions.
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