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  1. Does anybody know any coaches clinics, preferably on the West Coast. Thanks
  2. critique of what went down, and what shouldve gone down......and of course who "won"??
  3. i hope SNL or one of the late night shows hosts make some epic joke regarding, "Drill Baby Drill"............biden's striped suit ftw!
  4. haha "she didn't speak about deregulation...." and i cant really focus on sarah palin due to her jingly, sparkling earrings...damn...
  5. Jack Howe is probably the most awesome tournament in terms of having fun and a great debate experience, its the beginning of the year and the long beach team is superb when it comes to making a national tournament seem like a chillout......its the LBC
  6. FiestaEskimo

    CSU Fullerton

    I know last year it was pretty packed, but since this year its a TOC tourney for c-x AND LD , who knows how big it'll be this year........good times. i suspect Texas teams will be there, mayb.....
  7. ive looked into it and basically if you look on page 3 here ----> http://www.cahssa.org/PDF/Minutes/Minutes2008-09.pdf a tad confusing, but ill ask my coach just to be sure like Marcus said, or if i get desperate, my NFL district chair (Derek Yuill maybe ya heard?) is about 3 miles down my school if things get really distorted, he always knows whats up for some reason. thanks for the updates!
  8. whoa, when did this happen, could you post up a link or something? thanks....i need to check this out.
  9. whoa, i know theres about 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter but i never expected the dolphins with the lead......upset week this week?
  10. i was browsing youtube, looking for some c-x rounds that were taped when i found that somebody had uploaded the first 30 minutes of Resolved. hopefully the account doesn't get canceled.
  11. http://www.cross-x.com/vb/showthread.php?t=984629 Nuke cases seem to be okay.
  12. wow, talk about hard feelings. define "ethics"?
  13. Isn't ADI a college debate camp? who knows....
  14. If I'm not mistaken, aren't the Glenbrooks also by invite-only?
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