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  1. Does anyone know of some good authors or journal articles about the unconstitutionality of foreign aid? Other than Ron Paul, that is (found his card pretty easily).
  2. I often want to copy full texts of news articles from LexisNexis, but a lot of them have "Enhanced Coverage Linking." "Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez take part" becomes: Does anyone know how to turn this off?!?!
  3. CXpwnsLD

    Joplin 2008

    Would anyone like to post what happened in outrounds overall? And if you know PF or LD maybe those too.
  4. CXpwnsLD

    Joplin 2008

    Yeaaa February 8-9 right? Anyone going? Also, could someone confirm which LD topic will be debated? Is it the March/April topic (released February 1)?
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