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  1. Well when it comes down to it, no you do not have to specify what type of alternative energy that you are increasing, but it is best to at least pick something to go with. First of all, it would be extremely hard to find a S advocate or any specific solvency for that matter if you do not specify what type of alternative energy you are researching. Granted, I am sure that several people will try and make a plan text like "Increase alternative energy in their community as deemed to most efficient to that community" or something like that so that they can spike out of any of the generic arguments about certain alternative energy sources such as wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, etc. only able to be built in certain areas.
  2. Well I suppose that you could claim the advantages of a world without us in it...... However it is extremely open to T violations as long as the neg team has a higher IQ than 3. Good luck finding a S advocate or any evidence for that matter.
  3. Well, since I run a vaccine aff. I can solve for any disease that has a vaccine. Right now in my case, I am solving for Meningitis, Measles, and Malaria, but I might also add polio. Also, for the country, to avoid a SSA Topicality all of SSA. However, I can change that and make a T block if one country is better than another.
  4. I have a disease aff that well, cures disease. I was wanting to put together an advantage that says that hospitals are overcrowded in the status quo and since we are reducing the number of sick people, we can solve for overcrowded hospitals. Is there any literature out about this?
  5. Well first of all, there is topicality to consider. T on SSA- Rwanda is not all of SSA T on public- Mental health care is a very specialized area of health care and public needs to be available to ALL people, not only those with mental health issues. Next, what kind of Solvency do they have? Kinda hard to tell how to hit Solvency without Solvency tags. Finally, you can go with any of the multitude of Generic DA's out there or CP's for that matter.
  6. DaBean

    Novice Aff help

    I am trying to decide what aff case to give my new novices for this year and what format would be the easiest for them to learn and read. They have already been instructed on the basics and funfamentals of debate, so I am sure that they will not have a problem with complex Solvency mechanisms. I was thinking about letting them run a water purification aff, but I was not sure what a good novice aff would be.
  7. DaBean

    Darfur Aff.

    I was thinking about running something outside the box for my aff at districts. Here is the basic premise. Harms: A. Darfur Civil Wars Kill B. Darfur Civil Wars Cause Displacement Inherency: A. (some I about US foreign aid) Plan: Mandates: The USFG will substantially increase military presence in Darfur to stop the military violence present is Darfur and will work to stop the displacement of people in areas around Darfur. Solvency: A. The US can stop the wars in Darfur Adv 1. War A. Cross apply Harms A. B. Cross apply Solvency A. C. We save all the people currently dying Adv 2. Water A. Cross apply Harms B B. Water resources are limited C. We solve for water by putting displaced people back It can go on from there. It is still in the works and could use some work. I like the versatility of the advantages because we can go for food or anything else that is affected by displacement. Any advice is appreciated.
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