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  1. AAHHHHHHHH! please i need to know where you got your timeframe cards from. I rana wipeout case, and the only real problem that i found with it was that it didnt clarify timeframe. If we could say that the world ends tomorrow, then we could totally win. We used bioweapons that ensured complete extinction
  2. I'm a first-year, so please don't flame me, but I think that an international topic really allows for more education. I feel that central Asia is the way to go. Now, I know people think that it might be too similar to Africa, and I see what they're saying, but we focus so little on central Asia in any sort of news media. I have started writing cases for the alternative energy one, because i knew that was going to win. And i know that people will run the same generic junk (politics, other countries compete, et cetera), so i don't feel like it hurts to have an international topic like CA. In fact, central asia faces a whole different set of issues, so i suspect that the resolution might actually be fun to debate. As i said, please don't flame, even though im new.
  3. marquis de sades sounds interesting, can you clarify? and also i hate the invisible pink unicorn K and Aff. I rank it somewhere between china DA and George clooney CP (i wrote george clooney CP)
  4. i enjoy kritiks that people don't generally like. they migh call them stupid, and generally these kritiks serve mainly to please the reader. i expect to get neg repped from people who say i'm wasting their time, but if anyone can think of an idea for a kritik that's a little crazy (like an islamophobia k or something) i would be happy for this and i'd be willing to send any requesters a copy of the finished products. please don't give me neg rep just because i asked for something you don't enjoy.
  5. we get NEGATIVE HELP from our coach. we actually get negative from both. i cant think of a single time that my coaches have been a necessary asset
  6. fiat is, roughly translated, "let it be done" you dont say let it not be done. just before we allow it to be done
  7. yeah, basically all pre-fiat cases rely on the judge weighing heavily on education. if you run a kritikal aff, you want to stress that education is a key part of any round. i misspoke earlier, your case doesnt have to relate to the american public per se, but you can if you want to. you can win just by telling the judge that if they feel they have learned more from your case than from the opponency's bland, generic DAs, they should vote for you. (try not to overdo "Education is a voter," though. judges hate it when you are repetative)
  8. nah. i got jefferson my first two rounds and beat them. that was cool. and i beat damien twice.
  9. basically, you first want to assess what your pre-fiat advantage is. it is usually something like, you become less imperialist by listening to this. then adapt it so that it doesnt reference them. it comes out something like, we plan to solve for the west is best mentality by showing how horrible it is to the american public. so really, i think it would be easier to run as an irony case, saying that people have already heard the same song and dance before, and we need a more effective mechanism of delivery. so we will unite the american public against the common enemy of the neo-imperialist ideals by passing a bill exemplifying them. then everyone hates it. this allows for our aid to be a true hand-up and not a handout
  10. the ballots for that round (you showed em to us) were hilarious. the other two ballots were like, AFF LINKS TO CHINA DA TRY TO ARTICULATE and the one from our coach had enough written on it that she ran out of room and didnt get to wirte everything.
  11. that sounds a bit like me and my partner. so far we've cut a wipeout case (kill humanity) and are cutting a "us invades africa and cuts all healthcare and bans healthcare in the region" edit: also a disaster porn aff, solving for patriarchal society, homphobia, rape, std and AIDS transmission by sending computers with internet access and porn websites bookmarked.
  12. ihatelayjudges


    i have no idea what the plo aff is about. or the biopower K. but thats a different matter. plz to be explain? Edit: i know the PLO is the prostitution loyalty oath and the aff gets rid of it, but little else
  13. suit with stovepipe hat. if female, fake beard.
  14. check the joy of tournaments website. we're bringing either 2 novice 2 varsity, or 4 novice. since 2 varsity guys are paired with novices.
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