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  1. Plan is retarded. You basically say this plan sucks yourself. Don't use it then. Your plan may win you one against some noobs. But don't. The impacts don't really matter if your plan sucks quote=Jesusfuck;1562134]Alright, if anyone wants to help me with this, I already have it laid out. This is an actual case that could be ran. To preempt topicality arguments against incentives, I'll say that U.S. funding is an incentive to the program. It's cash people. PLAN: The UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHOULD APPROPRIATE $5 BILLION DOLLARS TO THE ITER PROGRAM. INHERENCY: 1. Progress in the ITER program is slow because of the high cost -ITER 2.Congress axed ITER funding -Fusion power report ADV: 1). ICE CAPS 1. Nuclear fission is key to preventing ice cap melt (need card) 2. Ice caps will melt by end of century, time to act is now (have card) 3. Ice cap melt will flood, kill millions, and lead to new ice age (I can piece this together) 2). U.S. China Relations (or Russia-US, or Japan-US, etc etc) 1. China and U.S. have been working together on ITER, but now the U.S. is pulling out 2. Cooperation on Alt energy K to U.S. China Relations 3. Nuke war SOLVENCY: 1. U.S. Cash key to ITER and much more. Anyone interested in helping me out? or constructive criticism?
  2. Dude.....your plan is like trying to make kids eat their veggies.....derrrrr
  3. I thought of using an aff. plan that would involve such cunning and ingenuitiy. Something that would invovle energy consumed by people which woul dicnrease all producitivity but then saw that there would be easy ocunters. THe could easily run a cp or use simple disads on marketing and the icnentives would end up being your own death move. I would suggest cocnentrating on the something more common and greater solvency would have the same rough impacts. I would be able to blow the crap out of those plans and too common such as wind farms and solar panels. Poem: Someone told me it was asinine I told them it would be asinine if i were to take asinine adivce which would make me asinine and more of all simply stupid
  4. yes....being a nobody people fail to see things in different ways....I see it as whatever you tell me to see it as.....
  5. a man fell into a well Walls slippy as hell He pulled for a gasp A single gasp A gasp for chance A gasp for survival The men went down The man went up The man went nowhere Yet he was out No well No way in hell But things are so So we make things so
  6. this tournament was mlk in california
  7. crazyrabbit


    anyone going to the debate 3 at dVC. I'm not or maybe i am
  8. crazyrabbit

    Logan 2008

    there is in&out. during mlk i went to fuddruckers and tgi fridays
  9. crazyrabbit

    Logan 2008

    u talking about mlk?
  10. Person of the year is a person who does not directly help someone else but by through their actions. Al Gore is basically trying to grasp leadership among those who are failed to be heard on the issues of global warming. Putin is my choice because he is sybmolic of a leader to guide his peope to be one of the most prosperous and renowned country on this planet. Even though there are issues on human rights and freedom of speech, I'm sure Russia will be able to implement a better policy than now to pass the U.S. and other world powers.
  11. What kind of courses does this institute have to offer? I'm a nobody.
  12. what happens if they bring up a theory on bare life?
  13. thanks though. but that still does not shed light on role-play
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