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  1. I know that I could find the huge list of affs on here that could possibly be run on this topic; however, I am looking for something a bit more limited. What affs have people been hitting the most on this topic? I am helping some old debaters at my high school prepare for a CX tourney they have to do, so I am trying to give them a crash course in the most prominent cases being run.
  2. In LD I relied mostly on argumentation and analysis after the first speeches. The PF round I watched in some elim round did basically the same thing. They pulled across the cards from the first speeches or used analyt.
  3. I am a 3 and a half year CX'er who has also done a few LD tournaments. I decided to take the plunge into LD for the month of January. But now I am hitting the roadblocks of trying to prep for my upcoming tourney. First, I am trying to look for a simple format to just plug my case into. Is there a specific structure I should be following? Second am I correct in that both first speeches, Pro and Con, are canned? Third, in the subsequent speeches are cards really used or is that mostly limited to within the case? Thanks!
  4. Why wouldnt the rates be higher now then?
  5. You could argue that Lassiter v. Department of Social Services does provide a right in some cases to a civil lawyer, but I am sure they have an answer to that in their inherency. Still looking around for this article though.
  6. BTW, I am pretty sure Bellaire runs this aff. Any help with just what this case does, what advantages it runs, etc. would be appreciated.
  7. I thought that said Stormfront for a second... oops
  8. Asia Times Online CATO Washington Independent, particularly David Weigel (Sometimes) Wall Street Journal The Guardian Reason
  9. Anyone have any info on this. All I know is that it overturns some kind of court decision that restricts legal services somehow.
  10. Good points. I've been expanding my link file and it is getting better. I have plenty on SS in general and on specific SS programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc. I am also expanding it to advantage planks and plan mechanisms, like hegemony and P3s that are common in many affs. Any ideas for how to link to an NEP case? The best I have so far is that funding is through taxation(which is coercive), but it is a bit generic. This becomes irrelevent if you make the debate come down to physical life vs. value to life. Although you might be able to extend lack of education = no real value to life. But when the means are coercive then you still win that debate. I think that is doable.
  11. Anybody know a good place to find Coercion K Links? If anybody had some stuff to trade, I'b be willing to find something to help you out. Or a point in the right direction. I've been using http://www.mises.org to find some stuff, but i haven't been able to find enough.
  12. I am trying to find something that says equal justice must be weighed first, or prioritized, or should be a significant consideration. Anything along those lines! Thanks for the help. EDIT: I am thinking maybe John Rawls might be a good place to start, but Im having trouble finding any specific quote. Once again anything will help.
  13. I like Wall Street Journal myself.
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