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  1. 1. Best All Around Team: Either SMW Malcom/Weiner, or Schroeder/Schroeder from Waru. We had great rounds against both of them all year. 2. Best Champ Team: Hutch Allsup/Curiel. They've beaten me straight up and in a kritical debate. 3. Best Open Team: Nobody really sticks out that much Dean/Nichols from BV were good, and so was the Newton team we hit in quarters at Lawrence. 4. Best Squad: Waru or SMW. Waru broke three teams at state, and had great showings at NFL and DCI. 5. Best Affirmative Team:This one is tough for me, probably the Schroeder's, but Dean/Nichols had some trixy answers too. 6. Best 1A: Whichever of the Schroeder's was the 1A (sorry guys, but its tough for me sometimes, you are identical twins) I think it's Joe though. 7. Best 2A: Sarah Weiner. For two years I thought I was winning after the 2NR. I never did. 8. Best Neg: The Schroeders. They were the only team that beat us on the neg twice. 9. Best 1N: Patrick Kennedy. I saw a few flows from our assistant and a kid from our team, and their strats were awesome, and he is real fast. 10. Best 2N: Sarah Weiner again. I hated giving 2AR's after she finished her speech. 11. Prettiest Speaker:I want to break the girl trend, so I'll be biased and say Patrick Lin from Manhattan. He could put me to sleep with his sexy voice. 12. Fastest Debater: Trevor Curiel. He's clear too, it was impressive. 13. Most Likely to do well next year: Waru Goossen/Schultz, they beat us three times. Embarrassing. And I bet Thies/Rippberger will be really good too. 14. Prediction of Next Years Best Champ Team: See above. 15. Prediction of Next Years Best Open Team: Dean/Nichols. 16. Prediction for the Best Squad Next Year: Waru. They had 6 teams at state, only the Schroeder's were seniors. Wow. 17. Person Most Likely to Judge: If I go to KU, I'll judge for people. 18. Best Judge: Any KU debater. They always give good feedback, and they had a knack for picking up Helen and I. 19. Coach of the Year: Cindy Burgett. She had the state champ, two top 10 teams at DCI, and she always gets that elusive National Qualifier. 20. Best Kritik Debater: Probably Trevor Curiel, or maybe Alex Bonnet. But I have to give a shout out to Waru GS here, we couldn't beat them in a K debate. Assholes. 21. Best Counterplan Debater: No one really CPed us. So I'd say Peter Ebeling from Topeka High, or Drew Theis from ONW (with a little help from Alex Parkinson). They could both roll with the XO. 22. Best T Debater: Patrick Kennedy 23. Best Politics Debater: Ben Schroeder. He always took PTX against us, but I would assume that Joe is just as good. 24. Best Theory Debater: I decided to put this cause Wes Phipps amazed me every time I debated him. He was really technical, and well prepared. 25. Most Likely To Be An NDT Champion: Trevor Curiel 26. Most Likely to be a Coach: Alex Bonnet Oh and for those of us that are counting, "the brown kid" that smelliott is talking about is Patrick Lin, he was second speaker at Nationals last year.
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