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  1. The Following Qualified in LD: 1. Michael Rawitch, BV (will be opting out to help people or something of that nature) 2. Andy Beye, BV 3. Simon Yu, BV (replacing Rawitch) And now for the Main Event, Public Forum: 1. Nichols/Li, BV 2. To Be Determined (Because of the number of rounds required, we got past 9:30 and national qualifier rules dictate rounds may not start after 9:30; though, the round will be played off tomorrow at the I.E. tournament - between Kalmus/Garber, BV and Elliott/Fitzpatrick, BV)
  2. This one goes out to Joshua Madden: The LD qualifiers in: 1. Michael Rawitch, BV (will be opting out so that he can help people or something lame along those lines) 2. Andy Beye, BV 3. Simon Yu, BV (replacing Michael Rawitch) Public Forum: 1. Nichols/Li, BV 2. To Be Determined, Due to national tournament rules, rounds may not start after 9:30 and so Kalmus/Garber, BV will debate Elliott/Fitzpatrick, BV at some point tomorrow during the I.E. tournament.
  3. Patrick Lin. Thank you. I always liked him. He kind of glared at me at every tournament. But I liked him.
  4. I liked Taylor Malcom on this specific issue. I dont know, i was just trying to get through it quickly. But Taylor Malcom, i love his speed. But next year, I gotta say Josh Dean, is better than Ripp/Thies sorry guys, but the time i saw you in sems against each other at T High, i felt like it was theres for the taking.
  5. 1. Best all around team: SMW Weiner/Malcom. 2. Best Champ team: SMW Weiner/Malcom. No offense to patrick, but they are the best fast team out there. Taylor is incredibly fast and at the same time clear - couple this with sarahs analysis on everything and i think you have perfection. 3. Best open team: BV Dean/Nichols, 80% winning percentage and they have the ability to do almost everything at an above great level. 4. Best aff: Dean/Nichols. The schroeders are great - but they have fewer losses im pretty sure - maybe thats my bias coming out; if anyone disagrees give me some win-loss records. 5. 1A: The 1A is a rehearsed speech - i refuse to vote on this one. 6. 2A: Sarah Weiner and Taylor Nichols. I understand the offering of Patrick, i didnt see him this year though so... I have to err on these two. 7. Best Neg: I dont know, wins on the affirmative this year came pretty easily, and i felt like everyone towards the end had the same strategy and weren't doing anything to catch my attention. 8. 1N: Taylor Malcom. 9. 2N: The manhattan team that isnt bolton/ellis; the blonde kid and the (pardon my offfensiveness) brown one; i always liked hearing what they would break down to - i dont know though to be honest. 10. Best Squad: SMW, BV, WaRu, and i will put Manhatten up there - it seemed like they always had at least one team in there, not including Bolton/Ellis. 11. Prettiest Speaker: I am going to argue against Kendall and say no, its not Megan Adams, it'd to me be i dont know - not her; maybe someone from her school, but i always felt like her partner spoke better. 12. Fastest: Taylor Malcom - despite the arguments for Patrick, Taylor is a lot clearer, and i am pretty sure they get through the same number of cards. 13. Best all around next year: Dean/Nichols BV really would have been in contention for two speaker but went in four and i think they only dropped like three ballots through all seven rounds so... 14. Best champ next year: Agent Cody Banks from North but i think BV Dean/Nichols can roll with it, so, who really knows. 15. Open next year: BV Dean/Nichols 16. Squad next year: BV and SMW will be in a tug of war with each other for pure dominance once again - but i think if a younger team emerges out of BV they could be the true winners, I think other than that you have schools with only one truly great team. 17. Most likely to judge next year: Guillermo - i think he'd revel in it a little bit too much though. 18. Best Judge: Only ones that voted for me... just kidding, but really. But Mark is pretty good at what he does, he definitely is the most willing to help out a team that is struggling, which is something other judges wont do. 19. Most likely to become a coach: I will say Brian Israel - that is unless he becomes a used car salesman, thats my prediction. 20. Best K debater: How many people still roll? In all reality, I only heard very topic-specific, case-specific Ks this year; so who rolls the best is beyond my reckoning. 21. CP: I hate to say this but Creighton of Wichita East or Northwest or whatever, gave us a scare at ONW. 22. T: Same as the K above - no one really believes in these things anymore; though I hear Nichols goes straight T in his 1NR, i never had the pleasure of hitting him this year though. 23. PTX: Creighton went for Politics - he was the only one. His Tix file hadn't been updated since July though so he got chastised instead of congratulated. 24. Most likely to get to the NDT: Did Parkinson make it? I hear he was doing well, but i dont know; Weiner though sounds like the safest bet. 25. Best coach: King, Riffer, Rafferty is a badass though so I'll give him a shout also; plus, since Dubois spends so much time on here, i'd say hes from what i can tell the most dedicated to his teams success. 26. Best underrated team: Kids with the skateboard from Mt. Carmel or the Manhatten team thats not Bolton/Ellis - i really liked them, i hit the brown half of the team pretty consistently all four years of high school so, i feel the closest connection to them and/or Aron from that Wichita school, his partner and him had a falling-out after T High i think, after we beat them round 1; but i liked him, he was good at what he does. 27. Most Talented in Activities outside of Debate: Brian Israel, hes ripped, greatest basketball player, hes probably gonna end up a McDonalds All-American.
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