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    We got it, thanks
  2. Does anyone have the 4-5 week SDI files? They do not seem to be posted on planet debate nor the ndca project
  3. Thanks for posting this. When will the final resolution for 2010-2011 be out?
  4. Thanks for the cites...but what's with the biofuels 1AC?
  5. http://gaforensics.com/lectures/ Above is the link (also their evidence page is pretty comprehensive) http://www.planetdebate.com/media Planet Debate also has some pretty good lectures, some of which are not on the GAforensics link...a few are for free for the public.
  6. It's a backfile that's freely accessible to anyone, although it's not from Umich it fits the description: http://jmubarnes.googlepages.com/cedacommunitybackfileproject look for "All Around Answers"
  7. It'll be updated, for example DDI is not over yet but all the generics are up. Last year, files were being uploaded through late September.
  8. http://www.debatecoaches.org/openevidence/. For the 09-10 season.
  9. http://www.gonzagadebate.com/GDI%20Schedule.htm Look at the Research lecture notes (It's the second downloadable on the page), it has some pretty good sources.
  10. As I understand it, there is a tournament at Georgetown Day every year...has anyone heard any logistics information about this year's tournament? (Dates, prices, etc.)
  11. I'm the 1AR, so I'm trying to cut down my workload by learning how to group arguments effectively. What are some techniques to figure out if multiple arguments can be answered in one shot?
  12. Here's another link that has a lot of evidence from camps around the country: http://gaforensics.com/evidence
  13. What sort of topics will be covered in the Extension Lectures?
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