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  1. Does anyone have a working link to this article or the full text? Here's the card: Economic collapse causes nuclear war Broward 9 (Member of Triond) Will an Economic Collapse Kill You?, http://newsflavor.com/opinions/will-an-economic-collapse-kill-you/ AD: 7-7-09 CS Now its time to look at the consequences of a failing world economy. With five offical nations having nuclear weapons, and four more likely to have them there could be major consequences of another world war. The first thing that will happen after an economic collapse will be war over resources. The United States currency will become useless and will have no way of securing reserves. The United States has little to no capacity to produce oil, it is totatlly dependent on foreign oil. If the United States stopped getting foreign oil, the government would go to no ends to secure more, if there were a war with any other major power over oil, like Russia or China, these wars would most likely involve nuclear weapons. Once one nation launches a nuclear weapon, there would of course be retaliation, and with five or more countries with nuclear weapons there would most likely be a world nuclear war. The risk is so high that acting to save the economy is the most important issue facing us in the 21st century.
  2. When do we find out who won..
  3. What are some commonly read species loss good/biodiversity bad arguments other than evolution?
  4. Timmons/Batterman posted the full results packet on The 3NR. http://www.the3nr.com/2010/05/07/results-packet-from-2010-toc/
  5. word on the street is that zach rosenthal (kinkaid freshman) got top speaker. truth?
  6. Does anyone have the speaker list?
  7. Quarters (this was a while ago): Coppell KD v Greenhill SP Emporia BS v Greenhill KP Grapevine QS v St Mark's MB Westwood LR v Dulles HC all rounds flip
  8. Thumbtack0


    Bellaire LQ d. A&M Consolidated FR in finals Top speaker was Carl Fitz
  9. Thumbtack0

    UIL State 2008

    Congratulations Westwood, for your humble and sportsmanlike victory.
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