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  1. I also enjoy dressing up. For me, being a girl and walking in high heels is kind of a power trip thing. I'm tall so when i wear hills i feel more intimidating. I love to intimidate my competition so i dress as nice as possible so i can essentailly strut into a room and look like im going to kick your butt.
  2. stacyms7

    Girls State

    Thats very strange...Do they do a boys round robin too?
  3. Oh well shes a sweet girl....I dont know if she knows who I am though...
  4. stacyms7

    Girls State

    What state will you be representing if you go to Boys Nation?
  5. stacyms7

    Girls State

    Thank you kindly. I plan to participate in the mock judiciary. I will enjoy the expirience and I plan to take as much as possible from the expirience. Oh, and thank you for explaining for the forum.
  6. stacyms7

    Girls State

    Well, yes that about sums up Girls State. Its a great opportunity. They seperate by gender because the girls and the guys each get one week at the same college in the same dorm, which would be potentilaly problematic at the same time. Lol. So, now that you know what it is, have any of you been? Furthermore, are there programs like this in any of your states?
  7. Hey yall! Is anyone planning to attend Girls State at Carroll College in May? Hope some of you are. Bye yall!
  8. stacyms7

    Girls State

    Hey all! Has anyone here attended Girls State while in high school and will anyone be attending it this year?
  9. My team has had this argument numerous times. The fact of the matter is, we're debaters. We will never all come to an agreement on debate as it relates to sports. I love that everyone is trying to persuade each other, but I am surprised someone hasnt pulled out a DA or Kritik. Lol. We use our minds, our bodies, and our souls... We are BA thats all that matters. Haha.
  10. Is anyone here planning to attend the annual Montana Democrats Dinner on Saturday April 5th? Both Obama and Clinton will be speaking and I am betting it will be very intense. Tickets go on sale Wednesday March 19th and are fourty dollars.
  11. Is anyone here going to see Hillary and Obama speak in Butte on saturday april 5th? The tickets are fourty dollars and go on sale Wednesday, March 19th. Its going to be intense.
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