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  1. i can't finish the round. neg rep me if you want. I am too busy for this site currently. If you wish we can pick it back up when i have more time on my hands.
  2. I'll have it up as soon as possible but i am shit-busy currently (i haven't even checked the site in a good week) so i apologize. I have been out of town on 1 convention, working at my retail job at least 50 hours and the shelter is taking about another 25. Really, i am sorry.
  3. Shit i just got onto my laptop and i just realized that all my debate files are _gone_. I forgot that i had a friend try to fix some stuff and he mentioned he was going to delete some files. I didn't realize that my 2NC/1NR was part of said files. If you give me like...another few days i should have it up? I am sorry for the delay - i have already worked like 50 or so hours this week and my schedule isn't getting much lighter.
  4. really - this ignorance in the cross-x is a cute. I'll have the 2NC up soon.
  5. By any means - calling Vince out on his 'intervention' and no one else is a little awkward.
  6. so the impact is that the alternative leads to stalinist camps? how does the aff solve for stalin camps? answers the rest of my questions please. and - i think i deserve more cross-x (Read: i just got back from a date tonight and am totally shit-faced and my speech is not edited yet).
  7. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Synergy again. edit: I called the 2-1 for the negative. Don't believe me, ask Cory.
  8. So, Vince, did you have any kids break at the tourny? (isn't this what kids normally talk about when they are waiting for a judge anyways?)
  9. 1. your first piece of Robinson evidence talks about the lacanian act in terms of zizeks philosophy as nothing more than a Nihilistic view and that it just 'temporarily' distorts reality. Isn't this the point of the criticism though? How do you garner any offense/how is this responsive? 2. Give me an example of a coalition I destroy that the affirmative would solve for. 3. Do you offer any benefits to a pragmatic way to approach the political? If so, explain. 4. what warrant is there in the last piece of Robinson evidence about why we should reject suicidal gestures.
  10. ok - this is getting stupid. You have till tonight to post the 2AC or i guess i'll consider this a dead round.
  11. there is a devise that allows us to put animals and turn them into oil - the fear is that we will start to use it on people.
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