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  1. infernsoft

    Next Year

    The sophomore me thought it was cool to read Ks too, but those days are over. After debating at a couple tournaments at the college level, I've hit teams that use the same K neg strat year after year (or so I've heard that they do in years before)...like (think about) giving the land back or reject fear/death, etc. Realistically, nobody has ever done any of the bullshit that the alts to many Ks provide - and if they have, they've ended up really fucked up in the head like Nietzsche for example...which btw is one of the most horrible people I've read about - just reading his books, sent chills down my back. When it comes to real policy making, politicians don't sit and talk about how we should all go out and stand under the rain of bombs that terrorists could send our way, they don't talk about how we should adjorn congress and just "do nothing" and accept that we are doomed, they don't talk about building personal relationships with trees and seeing ourselves at the same level as EVERY LIVING THING - realistically, if they did - we'd be fucked and dead by now. While nut jobs like all these philosophers are thinking up new ways to describe capitalism, ontology, and describe different viewpoints of life that may be the "root cause to [blank]" or the "only prerequisite to [peace, global warming, war, etc.]", I'd rather think of real, pragmatic ways of dealing with issues - because by just sitting and thinking or not thinking about issues, the world won't get any better - shit needs to get done. I hope that's a good enough answer if not, PM me or something because I think this thread is getting a bit off topic.
  2. infernsoft

    Next Year

    I second Stenger's comment, but Ks are definitely cheap shots I think...some of them aren't - but some of them are just shitty. "Alt - do nothing" - yea, that will get us far.
  3. That sounds like exactly what i'm looking for. where can i find this email? I tried googling...but that didn't help. Thanks a lot!
  4. I have theory blocks for everything you would ever want...just name it
  5. Is there any author that anybody knows about that says that by holding different, inconsistent positions on a topic, that you are sexist, racist, etc.. ?
  6. I want something that I can use to spend all 5-6 minutes on in my rebuttal(s). thanks
  7. If anyone has an "all-out" Condo matters before anything 2AR (or even 1AR), PM me please so we can talk about a trade.
  8. can i look at it now that the debate season is over?
  9. i tried emailing him back in November, but he didn't reply. anyone else have the same problem?
  10. yea that's the thing we go big on...inherency. and lost at regionals with it. so i'm a little worried about state. thanks for checking tho =)
  11. wow that stuff sux dude. but thanks anyways =) there's barely anything out on it...and the research is ugly too.
  12. wow that stuff sux dude. but thanks anyways =) there's barely anything out on it...and the research is ugly too.
  13. hey, so I've been trying to make a homemade net metering neg and am having a very hard time finding evidence/articles against it. if anyone has any net metering stuff, i will trade heavily for it. email me at infernosoft@gmail.com thanks =)
  14. I've been looking for some authors who do work on capitalism (Zizek, etc.), and am trying to look for some impact cards that say: capitalism causes racism. i've already used the search feature, so don't unnecessarily "lock" this thread. if authors don't come to mind, cards are well appreciated too... or maybe links to sites that have this information on it. thanks
  15. Aff runs solar. CP says "do wind, wind better than solar, solar bites DA" is this legit?
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