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  1. how do u know who amrit is and that he goes to Pine Crest if u arent him
  2. for those who decided to exclude pinecrest from being a big part of the florida circuit note that we have now won novice states 3 out of the past 4 years.
  3. can I judge as a sophomore?
  4. o god these aff's are annoying (although educational and i agree that they should have a place in debate) thank you everyone for your responses, i appreciate it
  5. so do these affs automattically defend the entire rez. lik if i read a disad are they going to say we dont do that, and if i read a cp (thats competitive through case turns) will that solve any of their cae
  6. ok but how do cut specific answers. THey dont do anything to criticize
  7. how do i deal with a k aff that doesnt have a plan text. obviously theory and t but beyond that. Like what specifics will link and if they dont actually do anything what is the judge voting on for them
  8. question - it says on joy that we need to be there on tueday?
  9. if we do not get accepted after a wave does that mean that we did not get in
  10. judge: i voted on the perm... me: but it was intrinsic. and they conceeded the theory on it judge: i dont see how its intrinsic me: they reject other instances judge: o. (wair 30 seconds) sorry
  11. yes you have answers or yes to his question
  12. does anyone have answers to the cap good-immortality turn
  13. i found ev that says doing the alt means that we just end up replacing cap with "a better system"
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